Can You Escape?

Do you have what it takes to put clues together and solve puzzles? Well I’ve got just the place for you! With just 60 minutes on the clock you will be placed in a room (the theme of your choice) with various clues that you must solve in order to find the key to escape!

a magnifying glass

Image taken by:  Kit

Yesterday I visited “Escape the Room” located in Midtown Manhattan (25 W. 31st.) where I was locked in “The Home” (the theme of the room) with six other people and our premise was, as I mentioned before, to gather multiple clues that were inside of “The Home” in order to find the key and ESCAPE! Even though the people I was paired up with were complete strangers, I have to say, our team work was on another level! We all worked together as if we had known each other for years! Every time we found a clue everyone screamed out of excitement and our adrenaline kept rushing as we started to get anxious to find the next clue which would hopefully lead us to the key.

With just six minutes and 24 seconds left on the clock we made it out of the room! Yes we ESCAPED!! Shockling, only 20% of people make it out! Crazy huh? This was such a great experience and I recommend everyone to go! You don’t need to be a brainiac either so don’t be discouraged!

six people

If you’re interested, they have many different themed rooms. As I mentioned before I was locked in “The Home”, but in the Midtown location they also have “The Office” and “The Agency” themed rooms. Their second location is in Downtown Manhattan (107 Suffolk St.) where you can get locked in a “Theater” or an “Apartment”! How great is that!?

I will definitely be returning with a group of friends! Although I am unsure which theme we will choose, I know it will be fun and exciting regardless!

I chose to do this not only because it was an interesting and unique thing to do but also because I’ve come to realize that us New Yorkers take advantage of the City that we live in and how many great things there are to do here. You don’t always have to go to the movies or out to eat even though that’s all that seems to be around.

So expand your horizon, next time you and your friends are bored, go check out “Escape the Room”!! You won’t regret it!

Freedom State of Mind

Hello I’m Jean-Luc Antoine, I am a student majoring in Bioinformatics. Although I’m majoring in a science field, I’ve always had a passion for photography. Any chance I have of fulfilling this passion, I have taken it seriously because it is one of the things that I dearly love to do.I see photography as an art enabling me to express myself, in ways more profound and meaningful than simple interactions with people because it doesn’t only take me more patience and dedication, but it also takes me the right determination and motivation to produce this form of art.

In Addition to normal photos, I’ve created a section that will allow me to feature the portraits and insights of the Humans of CUNY. It is an idea inspired by Brandon Stanton’s vivacious blog “Humans of New York”. In today’s photos and words, I want you people to experience the idea of having a free state of mind. Follow me in this quest to freedom.



The gate to freedom and opportunities is wide open, anyone can make the journey and make their experience worth every seconds.

people on the Brooklyn bridgePhoto taken at the Brooklyn Bridge


Slowly is the sun bursting out of proportion, awaiting patiently to be fully unleashed from captivity. Us Humans call it sunrise, for the sun it is the quest to freedom.

sunrise on the Brooklyn bridge Photo taken at the Brooklyn Bridge


They are the ones who found it totally abhorrent and incomprehensible when they witnessed the dreadful cruelty and neglect inflicted towards African Americans. They lead the quest to freedom and gave a voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

graffitiPhoto taken at Broadway Junction

Humans of CUNY

“A moment where you felt completely free?”

“I fell free when I’m playing basketball. I like trying out new moves such as crossovers. When I get hot from the 3 point line, I feel invincible like Steph Curry. I’m not scared to guard anyone from the smallest to the biggest guy on the court. I go after every loose ball and every rebound. I may lose sometimes, but I have that competitive fire in me that always wants to win. I have love and passion for the game.”

a young man sittingPhoto taken at Brooklyn College

Delicious Ramen at Ramen-Ya

As much as I dislike this never-ending, gloomy,and subzero weather, I can actually say that I really enjoy eating a particular Japanese comfort food that’s warm and hearty and that I can never seem to get tired of and that’s ramen.

I recently visited a new ramen restaurant located in Greenwich Village, NYC called Ramen-Ya. I was really excited to try this restaurant since my boyfriend and I have tried it’s original location in the West Village.


For appetizer, we tried the Okra Pork Gyozas. These were quite tasty and different from what we usually order. They were pan-fried and stuffed with minced pork, okra, and shisho with ponzu sauce.The okra gave a slime-like texture to the dumpling, but it was interesting.

a food dishMy boyfriend ordered the Shio Black (Tonkotsu) ramen. The noodles were thin and straight bathed in the original berkshire pork broth which was full of flavor and deliciousness, with a hint of the black garlic oil. It was topped with cha-shu pork, tree mushrooms, seasoned egg, and scallions. These are just a few typical ingredients you would fine in an authentic bowl of ramen. In my opinion, this ramen was alright, but the taste of the black garlic oil was overpowering.

a food dishWe also ordered a mini curry rice on the side. It was truly mini as the menu says. The mini curry rice was yummy, especially that curry sauce.

a food dish

I ordered the Shoyu (Tonkotsu) ramen and man was I excited for it. This bowl of ramen had a unique set of flavors! It’s similar to the Shio Black ramen in terms of the straight thin noodles and toppings. The only difference is the broth. The broth was absolutely heaven! The noodles were cooked al dente and the berkshire pork was really moist and juicy.

In conclusion, we really liked this ramen joint! It’s different from the others that we’ve been to because not only was it really spacious, but the kitchen was a closed kitchen and the food was just really phenomenal! There will definitely be a second trip to Ramen-Ya in the near future since I would like to try their other menu items. While it’s still freezing and cold outside, why not try out Ramen-Ya and have a bowl of hearty Japanese soul food with a friend or family?

Weekend Excursions

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Life begins when you start exploring.  It has changed my perspective on life.

Hi new friends.  My name is Konyca Francis.  I am a Liberal Arts and Electromechanical Engineering major.  Over the past eight years I have been capturing breathtaking images.

Initially, I took pictures because I was fascinated by the variety of clouds, and was drawn to the different shapes and objects.  I was amazed by the dynamic range of colors that appeared, three minutes after the sun disappeared beyond the horizon.  However I never displayed my work because I was too reserved.

A turning point occurred, when I attended a photography exhibition.  While there, I received excellent advice.  Instantly, my confidence was boosted.  I became inspired!

I plan on exhibiting my talent.  Through photography, I will take you along many adventures.  With that being said, take a journey with me on this weeks feature, “Weekend Excursions.”


a person crouched with a toy gun

Smoke Bomb attached to toy gun. Liberty State Park, NJ. 2:37pm

bright lights

Steel Wool Photography. Brooklyn Bridge, NY. 2:24am

a smartphone

New York City Farm Colony. Staten Island, NY. 1:04pm

a body of water

Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard. Staten Island, NY. 2:40pm

Should Dressing for Success in School depend on Preference, Profession, or Professionalism?

cartoon people in suits

Image by Kaz via CC* license

Are you someone who wakes up and just throw something on when heading to class? Maybe you like to show your creative side when finding new fabrics to wear. Or maybe you perceive your place of education like a job interview. Is there an unsaid dress-code when going to school?

During my 5, not so sequential, years at New York City College of Technology (City Tech), and while attending several success-seminars outside of school, I noticed everyone has different views on how to accessorize oneself. This can be due to many factors: how we are raised; environmental influences; and personal preference. However, at this age in our lives, I blame it on timing (whether someone may be rushing, or not), preference and attitude.

First, I will tell you how I choose what to wear where. OR, should I say the types of clothing I have? I guess it doesn’t matter. Okay, Here goes.  Depending on the impression I want to make, usually a great one, I will dress accordingly, including while attending school! I shall say this: ONLY WEAR SWEATS AND SPANDEX IF AT A GYM OR WORKING OUT! I will dress business-casual when seeing clients.  I will dress upscale when around certain sponsors. I will dress fashionable & “Beat for the Gawds” at certain social events. I will wear pajama pants only at home! I know many of you reading this my find comfort in wearing them outside…. AND OF COURSE, when I go to a class I will dress comfortable and casual, yet well kempt. Sometimes, even dressing in business attire. I guess at a Tech Production for “Falling Sparrow,” I may put on light makeup to have less impurities on film. Aside: If I am coming from, or going to, work or another engagement, my attire may vary.

a young woman in professional attire

Amoni B by Love&Fashion

Now lets analyze the hallways. Out of the several student inside of college only about 5% will wear slacks, pant suits, suit jackets and work clothes. Other than that, if one were to see the clothing of others in a descriptive light, they would describe some of the art as: the staying-with-the-fads-of-urban-hiphop wear, seemingly-uncaring-dark-colored-sweats/spandex, the i-woke-up-too-late-to-iron, going-to-a-rock-concert attire, the want-to-be-on-a-fashion-runway model get-tup, and the I’m-supper-creative-so-my-clothes-have-to-be-so-unique-that-its-border-line-outrageous items.

male models in bright colors

Image by Slava Zaitsev via CC license

I believe everyone should express themselves, especially if its how they should look in their career path, but professionalism is a must. School should be treated like a job interview in a business-casual setting. You should dress to IMPRESS, not look as you are in a state of DISTRESS. Formal education will open doors to internships, employment, and entrepreneurship. No one wants to work with unprofessional people. Even athletes dress in “suit and tie” on certain functions. American football players don’t have to wear helmets to show how athletic they are. Imagine you needed an entertainment attorney help you with a contract. Would you hire someone in a funky, in-style parachute-pant suit with purple hair or someone in appropriate business attire that may have color attributes? Not the one with the hammer pants and the funky get up, I am sure of it.

                 an illustration of parachute pants                                 an illustration of a suit jacket and tie          Image by Anne Lee Dabney via CC license              Image by Nemo via CC license.

QUESTIONS TO THE PUBLIC: So the next time you come to class how will you dress? Do you believe your major calls for a certain attire? Are you in a program that has a dresscode that you have to adhere to, what are the penalties for not following it? Comment you suggestions or feedback.

*CC: Creative Commons.