Maria has a conversation in the kitchen while preparing her food. She takes her meal and sits on the kitchen table and starts to read her book. Looking at the time, Maria moves to the sink and washes her dishes. The heavy draft from the window has reached her, so she walks over and slams it shut. She stares out at the lit city and wonders if anyone is watching back. Something catches her attention and she walks back into her brightly lit room, then looks at her bed. She turns off the lights, sits on the edge extends her arms, closes her eyes, and falls back on her soft, cushioned bed.

Her eyes are heavy when she opens them to find someone sitting next to her, and another is standing next to the window. The figures are casted in shadows and unrecognizable. She tries to communicate, even scream, but the figures just look at her then look at each other. Maria closes  her eyes out of fear then is awaken  by the morning heat bathing her. She looks out the sun drenched window and the city stares back at her.