View of the World from 9th Avenue by Saul Steinberg

View of the World from 9th Avenue by Saul Steinberg

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13 Responses to View of the World from 9th Avenue by Saul Steinberg

  1. Davina says:

    From looking at this photograph, the artist symbolized New York as “The Place To Be” compared to other parts of the world, 9th Ave is filled with LIFE . Its busy, exciting , its where every and everyone should be. The artist placed all the other states and countries in one spot and colored them with very light colors and placed one or two mountains, where as in 9th Ave, the colors are bright and the skyscrapers are New York’s mountains.

  2. tiyeblair says:

    After viewing the image what I’ve drawn from it is that New York is being depicted as this amazing place with all these immaculate skyscrapers. Its really trying to show all the hustle and bustle of the city with all the cars and movement whereas across the hudson there’s a lack of excitement everywhere else. It seems that if your not in New York your boring and missing the livelihood of the city.

  3. jeanalba1993 says:

    After examining at the photograph closely I see that New York is being depicted as a great city and you can’t compare it to any other place in the world. This painting just show’s what New York as what people don’t live here think it might be. I also like to point out there is a difference from 9th ave and 10th ave. 9th ave has all the big beautiful skyscrapers and is more glamorized then the 10th ave. In the end the photo shows New York, as the place to be.

  4. By analyzing this picture we can make speculations about what is symbolizing the view of the world from 9th Avenue it is possible to observe the changes that Colson Whitehead is describing in his first chapter. We can see a flowering environment of buildings, people but what is interesting is the perpetuation of New York City as a symbol of the world. We can see New Jersey, The Pacific Ocean, China, Japan, and Russia facing 9th Avenue. I think the meaning of this picture is to represent the idea of been a New Yorker, makes you the center of the attention of this countries and states like monkey see monkey do and I think this is a good courtesy of the world.

  5. valentina says:

    After analyzing this photograph I see that the author is trying to show New York city as an amazing place. He is trying to make a point by showing 9th avenue as street full of commerce, people and atractions. From this view we can also see many other states and even other countries, he shows this places very light colored and empty which gives us the sense that they are boring . It concludes that New York City is a place that everyone admires and wants to reside in. New York city is “the city that never sleeps”, theres always something exciting going on.

  6. mishell says:

    I believe that the title of this drawing explains what the illustrator is trying to say. Many view New York city as the most amazing place in the world. the title being “View of the World from 9th Avenue” shows New York as the world that many dot get to see. This picture can be used as a map but its not correctly drawn. It is focusing more on the buildings by 9th ave. as u look more in to the picture you can notice that everything past the hudson river is plane. Stating not it is not as important as what 9th ave has.

  7. Mohd.Parvez says:

    According to both images after visualizing them clearly I can say that both presenters are trying to message that N.Y is the land of spectacular views with all the tall buildings, Ferry’s, and in this two images the view from 9th and 10th ave. From this viewpoint I see buildings, malls, and people crossing streets, the Hudson River, Jersey, Pacific Ocean, and some eastern worlds/countries. Moreover, I think both picture’s telling me, and maybe for others also, that the world is so small that even though we live in New York, we still can’t forget about the rest of the world.

  8. jbrooks29 says:

    The photo seems to represent the New Yorker’s point of view. It represents the New Yorker’s point of view of New York City compared to the rest of the world. New Yorkers see New York City as a lively place with tall buildings, all the sidewalks filled with pedistrians and all the streets filled with cars. They also see everywhere else beyond the Hudson River as being dull and boring flatlands compared to New York City.

  9. rreyes150730 says:

    After studying the details in this photograph, I realized that the author of the drawing was trying to make 9th and 10th avenue look like these really nice streets compared to New Jersey in the background. I think that the author made New Jersey and all the other countries look so empty and plain so that the viewers of the drawing can focus on New York. The author also uses bright colors to make 9th and 10th avenue stand out more. I think that the author named the drawing “View of the World from 9th Avenue”, because I think that he was trying to say that 9th avenue is so nice that the rest of the world looks dull and lifeless compared to it to those who live there. You can also see people and cars in the streets of 9th and 10th avenue, while the rest of the world seems lifeless.

  10. nyashasmall says:

    After observing the image, my interpretation of it is New York looks like the greatest place to live. It looks clean, nice buildings, nice cars for that time. In the photograph the artists makes it seems as if all those cities are close to New York, it looks kind of exaggerated to me like everywhere else is in New York’s backyard. the photo does not look like the New York that i know it looks so quiet and peaceful and that is the exact opposite of what New York is. In the photo the buildings look very detailed and do have similarities to the buildings today.

  11. Navin says:

    I believe this photo is giving a message to the audience that we are blinded of what’s in our society and what’s our surroundings. Meaning we chose to see what we see and theirs so much more from a bird’s point of view. I also believe that the details used to drawn this picture is signifying that New Yorkers believe they live in a spectacular city with tall buildings and as in what ever may come to ones mind when they hear the word New York but don’t realize the other spectacular things that may be just across a river away.

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