Fall 2013 reading and writing assignments

A complete Engineer or Engineering Technician should be aware of the code of Ethics and abide to it. For this purpose I am attaching here a presentation discussing the main concepts in etics, sample problems and examples of engineering failures with ethical issues.


1. Please read this thoroughly and be prepared to answer questions ( in the test ) regarding the code of etics and the given examples.

2. Write a 1-2 page summary about one of the engineering examples of engineering failures with ethical issues and upload it in your ePorfolio-> Homework folder for this class.


To stay updated in your field you need to continuously educate yourself. There are several ways to do this: read journal papers, attend conferences or seminars/workshops offered by societies or clubs in your field, get involved in research etc. As an example I have attached here a journal paper for your reference.

The cognitive NET

For this assignement please  write a one to two pages essay about the article. Points you should address are:

  1. Where would you use this type of network?
  2. How would this system help one improve the existing networks?
  3. How do you see this paper in the context of this course?
  4. How did this paper impact your understanding of network designs?  Etc
  5. Which reference did you find most useful in clarifying unknown terms or concepts discussed in the paper?
  6. More ideas are welcome



Team 1 Project1

Team 2  Project2

Team 3  Project3

Team 4  Project 5

Team 5  Project 6

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