Research Project Presentations

Dear Students,

There are two things that I would like to do during our class session on Thursday:

1/ Have each of you present a three to four minute overview of your research project

2/ Begin drafting the research essay

The two activities are complementary.  However, I’m not certain that we will have time for both during one class session since our class is quite large.  There are 25 students in our course.  Assuming each student presents for three minutes, the presentations will take up the entire class session.  The question then is whether it might be possible to compress each presentation down to two minutes, which would then leave us (in theory if not in fact) with 25 minutes of class time for drafting.

My research is focused around an investigation of ______(name your topic or research question_______________________.

The draft title of my project is ____________(name title of your draft Overview of Sources essay)________________________.

What I Have Learned from my research is ________(list three to four things that you have learned as bullet points)____________.
One draft working thesis statement for my research essay is ______(revise and restate your research question as a statement based on what you have learned from your reading)_____.
This draft working thesis statement is based on ____(in two to three sentences, discuss what you have learned from your sources)_____________________________________.
We will use this as a template for the presentations.  If these end up being more than two minutes each, that is fine, but perhaps by using this template as a model we will be able to have time both for the presentations and for some in-class drafting.
All best,
Prof. Rodgers


What To Expect For Our Final Exam Next Tuesday, May 19

The exam will be divided into two sections.  In the first part, you will write a three paragraph letter in which you first introduce and explain why you are writing the letter, second explain the key points you have to make related to the topic, and thirdly explain the relevance of the topic.  You will have 45 minutes to write this letter.  There will be two topics and you can choose from one:

1/ Read Neil Postman’s essay “Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change.”  After reading the essay, choose ONE of the five ideas that he presents and write to him explaining how it relates to the specific technologies that you have been doing research on.

2/ On the day of the exam, you will be given an advertisement that features the term and concept of technology prominently. Based on your analysis of this ad, you will write a letter to the organization using the advertisement in which you explain why there may be problems with how the term and conept of technology is used in the advertisement, the key issues that may arise in relation to this use, and the significance and implications of this use.  Please make sure to cite evidence in your letter from both the readings that we have done for this class and the readings you have done for your research essay.

The second part of the exam will consist of a short reading that you will be asked to answer some questions about.

To prepare for this exam, please review the following materials:

Your reading notes on the essays from _Technology: A Reader for Writers_

Your class notes

Your course assignments (completing GA8/GA9 will also help tremendously in preparing for the exam)

Writing About Texts

Introduction to Summary Writing

Understanding Sentences in SWE

Summarizing and Paraphrasing Sources

Some Resources to Use When Revising Your Overview of Sources Essay

Synthesizing Your Research Findings

Working with Direct Quotations

Introduce / Cite / Explain

Introduction to Overview of Sources Essay

Here is a link to Charles Bazerman’s introduction to this genre of writing:

Here is a link to a SAMPLE STUDENT essay of Evaluative Comparison with a few explanatory annotations added by me to explain what is going on in each paragraph.  Feel free to use this as a model if it is helpful:

Overview of Sources Essay Assignment for Professor Rodgers’ ENG1121 course

Research Project Resource Links


Midterm Exam: Analyzing the Use of the Word and Concept of “Technology” in a Mitsubishi Energy Ad


Above, is a screen shot of a recent advertisement from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  You can access another ad related to this one here:

If you click on this ad, you are taken to this site:

I was interested in both the ad and in the advertising site itself.  However, you are only required to write a one-page rhetorical analysis of the ad itself.  Visit the site offering additional information about the project being advertised only if you find it helpful.  In terms of analyzing the ad, please consider the following questions:

What does this ad imply about technology?  How?  Why?  Rhetorically, how is the advertisement functioning, both visually and with respect to the text included in it?  What assumptions are being made about technology, the readers of the ad, and the readers’ understanding of technology?  How does the use of the word “technology” and the visual depiction of the “technology” being advertised relate to one or more points made by Thomas Hughes and Eric Schatzberg in their essays?

Here is some additional guidance for your one page rhetorical analysis of this ad:

Review the ad. Write out what you think is the ad’s purpose and what it implies about its intended audience. The following questions should help you generate this information.

    • Purpose: What does the ad appear to persuade viewers to think, feel, or decide after seeing it? What visual cues does the ad provide viewers to allow them to undertsand the overall “message” of the ad?
    • Audience: Who are the intended readers? What does the text imply about readers’ knowledge or feelings about the subject of technology?

Interdisciplinary Studies Workshop Monday, March 23 3-4:30 N119

For anyone interested in learning more about Interdisciplinary Studies and Interdisciplinary Research methods, I hope you will consider joining the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee’s Race, Gender, and Culture Workshop for a talk on “Staging Migrations Across Disciplinary Boundaries” given by African American Studies Professor Marta Effinger-Crichlow.  Her talk will address issues related to interdisciplinary studies and research based on her work on her recent book book Staging Migrations toward an American West: From Ida B. Wells to Rhodessa Jones. 

3-4:30 pm

March 23


All City Tech students and faculty are invited to attend.

ENG1121 Library Session


What is EasyBib?

Reliability of Wikipedia: anyone can edit it; may not be credible or reliable

What makes a research source reliable?  The author, the date, the publisher, citations, references.

information networks

research strategies

using different library information resources

searching on Google: “communications technology,” i.e., clay tablets (antiquity) to embedded chips (near future)

Kenrick: Architecture and Technology :  WHAT ARE YOUR SEARCH TERMS??????

Open Internet

Library Databases

Search Fields: Author, Title, Abstract, Keywords, etc.

Boolean Search Terms: Most databases don’t understand natural language, i.e., “how are stairs designed?”, the database will not understand the question.  I must make the question legible to the database, i.e., “stairs and design and history” or “stairs and architecture” or “stairs and usability and architecture”, the database can “read” the question

Google Books:

The Staircase: Studies of Hazards, Falls, and Safer Design By John Templer, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1992.

Open Internet Results:

Subjects:  staircases, culture and technology, history of technology

Google Scholar:

Sennacherib, Archimedes, and the Water Screw: The Context of Invention in the Ancient World

Other Books:

General Databases:

Gale Virtual Reference Library


Applied Science and Technology

 One Search