Spring 2017 Submissions

We are requesting submissions to our fourth issue of TECHNĒ to be published this coming spring.

Etymologically the word architect is derived from the Greek word arkhitekton meaning “chief builder” (arkhi-, chief + tekton, builder).  Originally, architects were primarily builders or artisans. Since that time architects have moved increasingly further away from the act of building. However, recent technological advances in such fields as digital fabrication, custom prototyping, and materials science are drawing architects back to the craft of building. How does this affect the future of the profession?

This issue of TECHNĒ will focus on the relevance of building, making, and fabricating in architecture pedagogy and seeks essays, conceptual proposals and projects that address this topic. Contributors should consider why it is important to learn to build, make, and fabricate? What are the lessons learned from projects that have embraced a design:build approach? How does digital fabrication affect the profession overall? Most importantly, what will the role of an architect be in the future?

Final submissions will be due Friday, December 9, 2016.

Email your submission as a .pdf to NYCCT.COLLECTION@gmail.com.

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