Class 1 Notes

  • Defining the problem. (Ask questions and know answers)
  • What do you know?
  • What do you need to know?
  • How will you perceive it?

Class Creed brainstorming

  • “I support you, you support me, together we will succeed.”
  • “As a whole we will rightfully support each other on the grounds of respect and efficiency to make the show go on.”
  • “We will respect and welcome the validity of one another’s ideas and decisions, in an unbiased and constructive manner.”
  • “We will succeed by failing together and lift each other up when the going gets rough.”
  • “We will use constructive criticism to help the individuals and group grow as a whole.”
  • “We will respect, honor and support each other as a group in order to provide a safe work environment and complete all tasks in a thorough and timely manner.”
  • “Honest work can’t deliver the impossible, but we can create the illusion of competence, cooperation, and completed goals.”
  • “We will all keep a positive attitude and help each other stay on task to achieve an effective yet enjoyable group experience.”
  • “We owe it to ourselves to manage our time wisely, ‘cuz losing out on knowledge is not worth the extra hours of sleep.”

Received Problem 1

Team 1   Ota, Montana, Charles, Natasha
Team 2   Jonathan, Spencer, TJ, Adreen
Team 3   Sharon, Phoenixx, Andrew
Team 4   Luis, Briana, Catarina

(I apologize if I spelled your name wrong)

On Thursday, February 4th, we will meet in the Lighting Lab. We will discuss Openlab, Portfolios, and will have an hour to work on our project.


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New semester, new course

Welcome to Technical Direction. This course will give you an opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to be a professional theatrical technical director. To make this practice as close to the real world as possible, the class will be structured using the problem-based learning model. In small groups, you will work on several problems over the course of the semester, each one based on a real show and real scene design. The most important skills you will learn are how to work on a team and how to direct your own research.

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