2/26/16 – Problem 2 Presentations

Problem 2 rubrics were passed out while everyone organized their paperwork.

For Problem 2 we all had to explain our primary problem definition, our load-in time, build time, and our solution to the quick change between the concert and the talent show.

Catarina, Natasha, Andrew, and Adreen

  • used stock triscuits and custom triscuits with stud walls
  • Switched masonite layers for the quick change
  • problem: time
  • budget: $2800

Charles, Briana, and TJ

  • problem: build time and load-in time
  • made open framed platforms and legs
  • used glam floor for the quick change
  • budget: $3500

Jonathan, Sharon, and Luis

  • problem: build time
  • used stud walls with plywood on top
  • budget: $2000

Spencer, Phoenixx, and Montana

  • Problem: time and scheduling for building and load-in
  • used stock triscuits and open framed platforms with stud walls and legs
  • replaced masonite layers for quick change
  • budget: $2000


For our next class on Tuesday we must have a written reflection on problem 2.

Consider the questions in the Debriefing Outline when you write your reflection.

We must think of how do we know?

  • build time?
  • load-in time?
  • how many people are needed during crew calls?
  • shop layout affecting build time? (example: having one table saw)
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