Problems with Biased Technology

Group 1: Stephen Sarabdial, Yasar Ahsan, Diguidian Nomoko, Brian Barrera

What is the problem?

This research project is going to be focusing on technologies that are being used on a daily basis and flaws that resulting users to faces difficulties with their appliances. Where there are some essential technologies that are being designed in a specific way for customers, but they are not focusing on people of different skin colors and resulting in the customers facing difficulty using such technology. The limitation of the devices will be explained along with the common problem encountered with these technologies, which have led to several cases, like:

1 ) when the soap dispenser didn’t work well with people of darker complexion

2)facial recognition does not work with people with darker skin tones and Asians.

3)Also, monitor watches not being capable to read the heart rate of darker skin tone people. 

The solution, although might be simple, is for companies to invest more in better and stronger sensors and to get more testing done on people of color.