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Draft Executive Summary

Here’s the draft Executive Summary. Basically it’s missing the part where it talks about each person on the team. I’ll finish that up.

Team Rocket is a premier full-service theatrical production company based in NYC. With a combined 20 years of production experience, and specialists in lights, sound, hospitality, public relations, and production management, Team Rocket is able to meet all the needs the Fred and Ethel play will require.

Fred and Ethel is a one-off touring variety show. With a new town every day or two, it’s impossible for the Fred and Ethel team to quickly and efficiently source all the equipment and services they require at every location. Just one night in a town calls for finding housing, equipment vendors, catering services, transportation, and staffing. And, of course, the most important and complicated task – finding an acceptable venue. The Fred and Ethel team has a variety of needs, not just any venue, catering, or equipment will do.

Team Rocket is perfectly positioned to take care of all the needs of Fred and Ethel. Most if not all of the staffing can be provided in-house. Our team can handle lights, sound, hospitality, PR and management. For those services we cannot provide in-house, we know and have working relationships with all the major vendors in the tri-state area. And speaking of – we know NYC, inside and out. Fred and Ethel, you’re not in Kansas anymore, you’re in the Big Apple. No one should have to navigate the city alone. We’re here to help.

Venue checklist

Here’s the venue checklist, in both word and PDF format. I’ll also be uploading to Blackboard.

One thing confusing about the rider is that is seems to interchangeably refer to “Purchaser,” “Presenter,” and “Producer.” I’m pretty sure these can and often are different people, and that the venue itself is a completely separate entity that isn’t even mentioned here. So, I’m confused on what the VENUE is supposed to provide, and what the local organizing party (also the venue? Or the producer? or presenter? I don’t know, we didn’t talk about it in class) is supposed to provide.

For example, SOMEONE is supposed to provide transportation. Wouldn’t that NOT be the responsibility of the venue (which is simply providing a stage and assorted equipment), but instead the responsibility of… someone else.. (Us, the people arranging this, whatever our title is).

On the checklist, I tried to list the things that are only relevant to the venue. Mostly I’m unsure about transportation and food catering.

Venue Checklist – PDF

Venue Checklist – Word