RAIN SCREEN [Research]

What is a rain screen?

Our project site, the Dream Hotel in NYC, consists of a stainless steel rain screen. A rain screen is essential to manage moisture in a facade. A rain screen wall should include a water-resistant barrier, an air gap between the water-resistant barrier and the back of the siding, flashing at vulnerable penetration areas, and weep holes at the bottom of the wall.





Types of rain screens.

A rain screen can be a “pressure equalized system” or a “drained and vented system.” The first type of rain screen deals with external wind loads and pressure equalization within the cavity. This system minimizes force on the wall and moves moisture through the outer wall.

The second type if rain screen system requires water to be collected and drained out of the wall. Water that penetrates the outer wall is collected and directed out of the cavity by using flashing and weep holes. If the outer wall is more airtight, pressure builds up and causes water to penetrate the interior wall and can cause decay.