Draft for Project#1

Draft #1

My name is Tevin Dacosta and I’m a freshman at NY City Tech.I love to do two things draw and play video games. When I was younger I always loved to watch cartoons, I still do to this day. In fact you could say that cartoons are the very reason that i got into art in the first place. I remember would always try to draw my favorite characters over and over again. As I entered high school I had no idea what I wanted to be or what I was gonna go to college for, but did I know that it definitely had something to do with art. When I took an animation class in my junior year i found exactly what I wanted to do.

I’m also a huge video game fan. I think the best way to describe video games is they’re like a combination between books and movies. They give you the amazing story telling you can find in any good book and they take that story and play it out in front of you like a movie. The best part is you have control of the story based on the game you can make your own decisions and choose your own path. That is why I love RPG’s (Role playing games). I like knowing the actions that I made had an impact on the story.

I love to draw. I love the feeling I get after I finish a sketch or drawing. A sense of pride a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I created something amazing with my own hands. I like looking at art seeing what inspires others and what they like to create and the stories that their art can tell. I think that’s why I love things like anime or video games they literally tell a story and sometimes they can do it without words just like any other painting.

The avatar I chose is a line from one of my favorite anime. I chose it because I have that same state of mind. The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. You’ll never know you can do something unless you try; you’ll never get what you want if your too scared or too lazy to get it. You’re the only thing stopping you. My avatar could be interpreted in a few different ways. Maybe I like to inspire other people or maybe I like doing things my own way and don’t care what boundaries I’m crossing.

I want my profile to convey me. I’d love to show off my drawings and I’m fine with letting people know stuff about me because maybe we have somethings in common and we can be friends.

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