Professional Essay

My name is Tremaine Bradley and I was originally born in Sanford, Florida, which is right outside of Orlando. When I was three years old my mother moved my siblings and I to Rochester, NY where she raised us. Throughout the years we’ve lived in various other places such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. My mother loved to travel, never letting the fact that she was a single mother of four stop her. I grew up in Rochester and call that my home away from home because that is where I spent the majority of my time as a child, teenager, and adolescent. Growing up I was always in some form of art, whether it was writing, dancing, singing, doing hair, or simply being the oldest out of the four that lived with us but the second out of the five children my mother had.  I then got my GED in the year two thousand five, which although I didn’t graduate from high school I didn’t feel left behind; at least not too far. I attempted to move to Florida as an eighteen-year-old young adult who thought I knew any and everything and faced some difficult experiences and emotions during this time period. That’s not even inclusive of the precedent. Going through the abandonment, the tears, and heartbreaks was preparing me for something even more devastating. I went through a state of depression until I eventually found a way of coping with it; counseling, networks, non-profit organizations who were there for the sole purpose of helping someone in this tragic time of need; someone like me.

So you see, it was kind of an easy situation for me to choose Human Services as a career path. I had already did a year and a half of Paralegal Studies but dropped out after losing interest after I was forced to deal with even more challenging, life changing moments. My mother had moved away to Atlanta because she no longer felt obligation to her now grown four children. After being there for over a year I knew that Atlanta just wasn’t for me and that I needed to be somewhere away from my family, somewhere where I could firmly plant myself and then nourish so that I could become someone of substance, someone of character. I ended up moving to NYC to yet again need the services that a Human Service professional provides. I figured if I wanted to do something for the rest of my life I would prefer that it be something that I enjoy doing more than anything else and that’s helping others. I could help others how my case managers, caseworkers, counselors, and friends helped me. I could be to these people, these clients, what these professional friends were to me. They helped me to get over some of the most difficult time periods in my life. They were amongst some of the first, amongst my mother to encourage me beyond measure.

Many of my personal strengths come from deeply rooted mannerisms instilled by my mother and the few, though it seemed like many people she had in her circle. I was the oldest boy and the oldest of the four that was in the household so I developed responsibility at a tender age. When faced with confrontation in sibling rivalry, I was the peacemaker. Being the peacemaker in my early childhood began to nourish more as I got into middle school and high school until my insurrection. I would help with homework and other things that would gain their trust and enable them to allow me to help and guide them. I eventually implemented these techniques of listening, acting, and guiding in my everyday life with every day situations. If I had to write my life in a six-word memoir it would be “Helping others often left me without”. I can help others so much that it hurts me so deep. But I wouldn’t mind doing it professionally.

My professional strengths are a resemblance of many of my personal strengths. Knowing when to step up and or step down in many situations has taught me a bit in the workplace as well. The ability to follow directions and guide people has always been a good thing. I’ve always possessed a level of trust, responsibility, and respect when it came to my peers, colleagues, and anyone else. I carry myself in a respectable manner that enables anyone to put their trust into my hands and to know that they have made a correct decision in doing so. In doing so I’ve acquired much leadership skills both through training and through everyday situations that enables me to lead effectively and knowing that a part of leadership is listening to other people, understanding their points of views, and also knowing my limitations of what I can and cannot do. I’ve always been able to listen attentively and actively and demonstrate the ability to act accordingly. These particular skills aided me in becoming a better individual to prepare me for the workforce world of the human service profession.

The client population that I would primarily like to work with would be the HIV community. I would like to work with this community because of personal reasons. I know that this particular population is filled with LGBTQ folks and I fit into both communities. I have the personal experience of being a homosexual and having HIV so I can relate to the many issues that these two communities face as a whole. I know that they face problems with acceptance within their own families and communities and sometimes may not know how to deal with it so in turn they look to others for that love and support that they may not receive from the people they want it from the most and this can ultimately lead to a very bad downfall or bad situation. I would like to help them understand that self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love will ultimately be all that they need to remain strong and get through some of these troubling periods in their lives and through acquiring these qualities and/or traits it will help them to make better-informed decisions about their behaviors and actions.

I understand that many of us who fit into one or both of these communities suffer from neglecting relationships with those that we love. I understand that we long for love and acceptance so much that we ultimately will do anything to acquire it even if it means putting our lives in jeopardy. Because I have the experience I have I can work more closely with this population on a more personal level using my personal experiences to aid me in helping them in a way that works for them. They really need love, support, and to know that someone is there for them. They also need someone to listen when they talk, someone to lend a hand when most wanted, and most of all someone who understands them.

I really don’t know how I envision my career path ten years from graduation because the needs of people change and the need for the profession will change with it. Though there will always be a need for help, maybe the content of that help will differ. I do however envision that I will excel in being the best case manager, case worker, or social worker that there is out there; at least that’s my goal. I envision being well known for whom I am and the work that I provide and do within the community. I would also possibly change my career back to what my original interest was after such a period, which was Paralegal Studies, I really can’t tell at the moment. I might be able to help more people with knowledge in both backgrounds that would ultimately guide people and make the money I desire cause I know that the best reward for the career of Human Services is the joy I will receive from making people happy, seeing the smiles on their faces, and helping them to better acquire the things that they need to be better productive members of society and more self reliant and self-loving. I will hone my skills by continuing to be who I am today; a great listener, a great friend, and by continuing my education so that I can be better equipped to counsel people, understand their needs, and lend a helping hand in a professional manner. I will continue to mold myself in the direction of betterment, in the direction of acceptance of the things I don’t understand, and in the betterment of motivation; we all need it and I am one to give it because the shoe was once on my foot.

So as you see I am one of the perfect people to go into the Human Service field, not only because of my knowledge and personal background but because of my desire to help those that need it and long for it and can’t seem to get it. My family doesn’t necessarily know it but they have helped me so much to become the person that I am today and in a sense prepared me for a lifetime of helping others to not be who I was, who I changed from, and who I don’t want to ever be again. That drive, motivation, and ambition will continue to make me strive to help people who doesn’t have what I have and that’s stability and in some cases,

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