List of skills I obtained during my 2 years as a DH student at NYCCT:

• Thorough review of patient medical history
• Extra and intra oral examination
• Oral cancer screening
• Thorough dental exam to detect any caries or
other dental issues
• Periodontal probing
• Calculus detection
• Educating patients about oral health and providing
home care instructions
• Expose dental radiographs (FMS, Bitewing, Pan)
• Scaling and Root Planning using ultrasonics and
hand instrument
• Take alginate impressions and pour up models
• Whitening
• Apply fluoride treatments (varnish, foam, and gel)
• Administer local anesthesia infiltrations
• Administer Nitrous oxide
• Rubber dam and cotton roll sealants
• Arestin placement
• Air Polishing
• Management of Pediatric Patients
• Certified in CPR and Mandated Reporter