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  1. tanya Post author

    Journal entry for intership (Tetiana Baranovska)
    (1 week) 9/20-9/23
    Long week, worked for 8 hours 4 days a week. Met new staff, worked with clients. Was given a lot of assigments. Created post card for barbeque place, post card for platinum jewelery, Stiker, a lot business cards for different clients.
    (2 week) 9/27-9/30
    Short week, worked on 3 brochures 1 – for pizza, 2 –Panini bread
    Change the layouts, colors, type face.
    (3 week)10/4-10/7
    Improved my skills in InDesign, learned new tools. Created 1 flyer, post card, window sign.
    (4 week) 10/11-10/14
    Fixed up my previouse work. Made fryer for music band, Post card for food company. Learned how to use a few effects in InDesign and I applied them to my work. I thinked creatively and developed artistic concepts that are eye-catching.

    (5 week) 10/18-10/28
    Worked on Menu for restaurant improved my skills using tabs in InDesign.Before i did not now how to use them properly, so i have learned.
    Designed 3 business cards for restaurants.
    (6 week) 10/25-10/28
    Long week worked 16.5 hours, did a lot of work, finished menus, worked on post cards for Indian restaurants, did nice layout with Indian food and used Indian colors, texture background. Also did post card for Eropan café.
    (7 week) 11/1-11/4
    Worked for 8.5 hours, short week. Created board for pizza restaurant, (for pasta, salad). Also created business card for them.
    (8 week) 11/8-11/11
    Worked for 12 hours. Was working on Be Juice menu board created layout, with nice photos. Was working for Silver Bullet menu, typed text, fixing prices.
    (9 week) 11/15-11/18
    Worked for 6 hours. Created post for lunch. Was fixing menu for Sophies Cuban cuisian. Changing layouts and pricing.
    link to my work for internship


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