Dwayne – My Logo Ideas

These two ideas I came up for my personal logo. I can’t seem to choose which I should stick with and work on more.

Logo Ideas-01

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Dwayne – Before and After

Greenpeace ad 1-01 Greenpeace ad 3-01Greenpeace ad 2-01

These were ads that I made in Corporate Identity class in my fall semester. I had to rebrand the Greenpeace logo and make 3 print ads for the campaign. These are the updates after professor McCabe gave me constructive criticism.

Bear-01Seasons Tree

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Dwayne – My Favorite Font

My Favorite font to use is the Gotham Font Family. It’s very versatile for fun body copy text but it can also be a chameleon in styles whether serious or silly depending on the color and size of it. The versatility of the font makes me use it the most.


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Hello world!

Welcome to City Tech OpenLab. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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