Presentation Week

Ashish Arora

Time flies quickly. This week is going to be 12th week of my internship at the Brooklyn College as Design and Web intern. I am so excited to almost finishing up my internship. During this internship, I learned so much as in designing the banners, logos, covers and promotional campaign. This week my design partner and I are going to do the presentation on zoom where we will get the feedback from the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness people and my supervisor.

Design & Presentation


Today on 04/20/2021, we had a zoom meeting where Isana told us on May 6, 2021. My design partner and I am going to do the presentation on the design works we did throughout the internship weeks. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. From today on, I am going to prepare for that presentation. However, for today’s assignment Isana gave us an assignment to design the covers for another office so we are working on that and will post Isana soon and on the same note I am working on the extra hours to cover up my requirements for the internship and the class.

Week to continue

This is the 9th week of my internship. On text message, Isana asked me how many hours do I have so far towards the internship? because of the covid virus I had and wasn’t feeling well, I took the day off so I had to make it up. So Isana asked me that question and I told her 70 hours and I need 10 more hours to be on track in order to complete 120 hours. Isana gave me suggestion to start early and end late with 1 hour break and also asked me which days I can be available to do the work. On Thursday, I started my internship at 8:00am and end at 2:30pm. During that time she gave us the assignment to give her more options on banners. As my design partner and I were working on the topic Survey Services. Isana told us today she is going to show the covers that we both created to the HR to select the final. So we are excited to see the result.

Pandemic Season


On April 06, 20121. My supervisor assigned us a project 2 weeks ago and we were almost finished with it as Isana already had selected which work she will select but suddenly on April 06; she told us that change in the assignment and now we have a short of time and has too much work to be done. She told us HR wants to change that is the logo, banner and cover is going to be for the different office but the same topic. So we had to design the same thing for the different office. As I was working the design, I shared the progress with Isana to make it clear that I am on track and can continue to work on it. These past weeks were really hard for me since I had covid and it affected my health. I told Isana about it and because of it I had to take the 1 day off from my internship. Isana was fine with it and told me if I had to take half day or need 1 more day off she will allow me or anything like that. She understands my situation because she also had an experience of how bad covid is to health. And as soon as I get better she will help me to make up the hours for my internship. This really help me. On the other hand, while I was off, as I got little better; I do little brainstorm and add those hours in timesheet to be on track of internship hours and send those progress to her and get the feedback. The feedback Isana gave us, I believe those are really helpful and help me a lot to get the improvised work for her. I am really enjoying working in this internship and hopefully to get great evaluation from Isana as I believe to be positive and friendly while working and communicating with her.

Covid 19 and Designers

By Alexandria Bruschi

The past week of my internship has been a great online internship and following the supervisor’s instruction on how to and what to design for. What to avoid and what changes she needs. Everything she tells and we communicate through online emails and calls either phone or zoom. The Covid pandemic has changed the global work system, health, and wellness. In this situation, we have to take care of ourselves because covid can be minor or dangerous that can have negative consequences on individuals’ health. We know that if we go out, we have to wear safety guidelines such as mask and gloves to protect from this virus and when we come home we have to wash our hands. Adding to that, We also have to make our immune system strong because that is the key to stay healthy and safe from this.

This week I had to take off from the internship and all the projects that I was doing no matter how important those were to me. Because I was not feeling well and I had covid that was worse that can happen to me. The symptoms of covid are really strong that leads just to take care of me in these quarantine days. As I got a little better, I started to get back to work I left and updated my supervisor to make sure I am on track and not left behind.

Designing / Selection

By Tabarka Tamkin

This week Tuesday 03/09/21, When we had the zoom meeting, the supervisor Isana told us to do the final work and touch based on the feedback she is going to give and after discussing with her team. They are going to decide which project to select and use. My team intern and I were excited to see which one they will select because it was our first project that is going to be used. Our internship time starts at 9:00 am and we had 1 hour to give our final touch.

On After we gave our final touch on the project. My design of banner was selected and my supervisor is using the banner for the Spring 2021 assessment office hour. For the banner, I did multiple version and got feedback and I did work on it and did the correction as my supervisor told me and my team intern to do. I used geometric pattens to design the banner

Gordon Park

GORDON PARKS (1912-2006)

Who was Gordon Parks? Where he came from? What was he know for?


On November 30, 1912, in Fort Scott, Kansas. Sarah and Andrew Parks welcomed their fifteenth child who’s name was Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks, into their home. Gordon Parks grew up around violent racism, segregation, and poverty. Parks faced harsh discrimination as a child where his elementary school teachers discouraged African American students not pursue higher education. After the death of his mother, Sarah, when he was at the age of 14, Parks left home. He lived with relatives for a short period of time before standing up on his own, taking any kind of job where he could make money to live.


Gordon Park was a self-taught artist who became the first African American Photographer and worked for Life and Vogue magazines. He was also a musician, writer, and film director, who played an important role in U.S. documentary photojournalism in the 1940s to 1970s—specifically in issues of civil rights, poverty, and African-Americans, and fashion and entertainment photography.

Gordon Parks’ Photography work-

American Gothic, Washington, D.C., 1942

Description of the photo:

American Gothic is a portrait of Ella Watson, who represents an African American black worker. Watson stands in the middle of the picture and in front of American Flag that hangs down the wall behind her. She is holding a broom in her right hand and mop leans against the wall. She is wearing a cleaning lady’s uniform with her hair pulled back.

What is the meaning of this photograph?

Gordon Park was the photographer who took Ella Watson’s photo in Washington D.C, in 1942 at Farm Security Administration. Parks approached to Watson who was a black charwoman. She was a cleaner at FSA offices. Watson told Parks her her life’ traggic experience that she had two daughter and her husband was shot to death two days before their second daughter was born.

One of thing most memorable things Gordon Parks said was:

This story made Gordon Parks to says that “I saw that the camera could be a weapon against poverty, against racism, against all sorts of social wrongs. I knew at that point I had to have a camera.”

Parks’ motive of taking this photo:

Parks motives while taking Ella Watson’s photo was to show the close perspective on the reality of black women. Parks used the camera to expose the evils of racism and shows the black people who suffered from racism.

In Process to learn/feedback

Business Process Management Software | Advanced

The second week was interesting as for the project but we did have the meeting online but through email. Isana- my supervisor shared an email that explains the instructions about the assignment to what she is expecting as professional covers for the survey the Brooklyn College did in Fall 2020. First, she assigned us to create the logos and these 2 days she said to create various versions of the cover for her to see and gives us feedback when we will meet.

I am really excited to get those feedback but also nervous to know if she likes my work and my intern teamwork. We really work hard to design the covers. First, we did some research to see what the survey report covers look like. Isana also shared a google drive folder that has previous interns’ survey covers to get an idea of what kind of cover she is expecting. To be safe, we followed all the guide-line that Isana gave to us. This Tuesday, the first thing we are going to discuss is the logo and the cover we designed.

ETHICS Assignment

AIGA | the professional association for design

What is Design Ethics?

“Given the designer’s role…not only do we have a role, but we have a responsibility to make sure that what we’re creating is responsible because we have a lot of power and a lot of influence.”- Sarah Alpern.

This means is that we as designers have a role to play in society. We have to be responsible for what we create, write the have strong meaning that can influence others either negative or positive. We as a human has the power to choose and understand same as our design has a lot of power to influence the audience.

Ethics for Designers

The reading explains what design is and isn’t. A guideline for a good designer to follow and understand the importance of the spec work. It also says what professional designers should expect from a strategic process. What is a story behind the design and telling that into the interview and those ethic standards what a professional design should follow and so far I did follow these ethic standards into my design and will use them in future

  1. A professional designer always follow and have the clients’ prior consent to create and work on the assigned project.
  2. A professional designer treats all work and knowledge of a client’s business as confidential. 
  3. A professional designer will create only professional design and need to meet the deadline. if not then inform the higher position the un for-seen circumstances.
  4.  A professional designer will clearly outline all intellectual property ownership and usage rights in a project proposal or estimate.

The second source is “GUIDE TO COPYRIGHT”

What is a copyright?

This means that the original owner of the product or service or anyone who gives the permission is the only one with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

The designer has the only exclusive rights to reproduce the work and distribute work; license work or poster copied from a design; perform work, and display work. A design can be fairly used however, it also depends on how the work is used. It can used if they follow the following factors such as

  1. “The purpose and character of the use, including whether or not it is for-profit”
  2. The original work has to be credited.
  3. “The amount and substantially of the portion used, not only in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole but also, in some cases, in relation to the defendant’s work”.
  4. “The effect the use will have on the market for the copyrighted work or the actual value of the copyrighted work”.

The third source is “Use of Illustration”

Illustration means creating something that makes the idea clear to explain such as a picture, drawing and that becomes a design. AIGA supports the original illustration solution. What original illustrations mean is that people find it easy to draw the missing space and challenging to create something unique from the un-imaginary world, add values and make it creative.

There are rules for the designers that the original must be kept by the illustrator to protect the value of the work. These issues are understood within the industry and are will be seen fast by the professionals on both ends of the creative exchange. That is because “An artist’s copyright is owned by the artist and is protected from the moment it is created by the 1976 Copyright Act. This protection covers the work for the artist’s lifetime plus 70 years. If agreed to in writing, the copyright may be assigned elsewhere.” It is the right of the artist to protect the original work and have the copyright.


 AIGA Busines_Ethics 47556721-Client-s-guide-to-design-1-1-MB.pdf

AIGA Busines_Ethics 47556733-Use-of-illustrations-1-MB.pdf

 AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB.pdf

Beginning of Internship

gradsingapore_Article_What to Prepare for Your First Day of Internship_2018

After the interview, my internship started on 02/ 16/ 21 and the meetings will be on every Tuesday and Thursday. As we started discussing, she told us to send her the internship agreement and the paperwork that has to be done by her. On the first day, I was introduced to my teammate and our 1st project. We were assigned to our 1st project which was to create a banner design for Isana’s office hour website. We had 5 hours and come up with 3 versions and while following the Brooklyn College guideline and she gave us the instructions and was told us to submit them. She also told us that we will discuss them in the next meeting.

On Thursday 02/18/21, the first thing we discussed was our first project and supervisor Isana gave us some feedback on how to improve it and after this, she send us the instructions for the second assignment which we continue to work on while working on banners. While we were working on she also gave us some examples about the project such as what previous interns did and what she is expecting from us and the sketches for the second project those were also due at the end of the time.