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One of the central tensions┬áthat we have discussed in this course is the perception of SYMBOLS by audiences and the PHENOMENON of live beings, actions, and spaces. Audiences are both semioticians (they “read” signs on stage) and affective beings (they “feel” emotions in response to their experiences of sounds, shapes, colors, movements, etc.). In other words, an audience member could┬á┬áread┬áthe signs of a policeman’s costume on stage as “authority” or “protection” or “law”, but they could also have an emotional response to the character of the policeman, such as┬áfear┬áor┬ápower.┬áAnother example:┬ácathedrals can be┬áread as a sign: “Christianity.”┬áBut the┬ávast spaces above the nave can also be felt as phenomena: wonder, God, infinity.

With this in mind, I want to you to start a conversation with your group. The first person to start a┬áthread will lead. Describe a live event that is strong in your memory. It could be a play, musical, concert, religious ceremony, magic show, comedy routine, dance performance — just as long as it is┬álive┬áand there is a group of people watching (or participating).

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