In-Class Assignment: Technology Treasure Hunt

Step 1. 40 minutes: In assigned groups, disperse through the Library and Namm buildings in search of technologies that are similar in SOME WAY to one of the historical stage technologies listed below. The similarity can be in design, structure, or functionality. Do not try to find an exact replica. One functional or stylistic similarity is fine. Take a photo of the item, send it to your email and be prepared to show it to the class when you return.

Step 2. 20 minutes: Each group displays their findings on projection screen.


Giuseppe Galli Bibiena, “A Cortile” (scena per angolo). The Morgan Library.


Sabbatini. Candle dimmers (dark for tragedy, light for comedy). 17th cent. The Development of Scenic Spectacle. Appalachian State University.


mechanea.gif ekkylema.gif

Ancient Greek. Mechane and ekkyklema. Marvin Carlson Collection, used with permission.



Valenciennes Mystery Play, 1547.  Hellmouth or Mansion. Hekman Archive.



Torelli Chariot and Pole System (17th Cent). Look for Drops, Shutters, and/or Flats (all moveable). European Route of Historic Theatres.

MS Word Format: In class assignment – Treasure Hunt-1