Introduction and General

Crash Course, Introduction to Theatre, PBS

The Proscenium Arch, SCC Digital Video Productions

Thrust stage, Theatre Development Fund

Theatre Timeline

Timeline of Western Theater , Encyclopaedia Britannica

Weinstein, Stage and Audience, pp. 19-24 (PDF)

Theater for a New Audience Opens New Quarters in Brooklyn, NY Times

St. Ann’s Warehouse Unveils a Permanent Home, NY Times

Architecture General

The Emotional Impact of Architecture, Ted Talks (stop at 10:35)

Ching, Design Drawing, pp. 135-137, 146-148, 162-163, 170-171 (PDF)

Ancient Greece and Rome

Theatre at Epidaurus, Discovery Channel

Crash Course, Greek Theatre, PBS

Ancient Greek Theaters, Reed College (read #3 and #4)

Epidauros Theater (Tufts)

Ancient Greek Theaters (Tufts)

Roman Amphitheatre, Betapicts (start at 5:45)

Roman Colloseum, PBS (first 20 minutes only)

Medieval Europe

Crash Course, Liturgical Drama, PBS

Reconstrucción de la Gran Mezquita de Sevilla, Muy Historia

The Art of the Book in the Middle Ages, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Trachtenberg, Early Christian Architecture, pp. 159-163 (PDF)

Ogden, Staging of Drama, pp. 68-72 (PDF)

Corpus Christi Play, Seton Hall (stop at Economic section)

English Renaissance

Crash Course, Shakespearean Tragedy (stop at 4:30), PBS

Wofford, Introduction to Hamlet, pp. 6-14 (PDF)

Leacroft, Bulls Bears and Actors (PDF)

Shadow Puppet Theatre

Wayang, World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts

Wayang Puppet Theatre, UNESCO

Ibn Daniel, World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts

Karagoz, World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts

Japanese Noh

Crash Course, Noh Theatre, PBS

Noh, UNESCO (read Stage Structure and Performance Techniques)

Noh Theatre, Introduction, Columbia University

Lighting and Acoustics

How Architecture Helped Music Evolve, Ted Talks

Palmer, Light and Projection, pp. 48-55 (PDF)

Stage Lighting, Encyclopaedia Britannica

A Brief Outline of the History of Stage Lighting, Northern University

Baroque and Enlightenment

Development of Stage Machinery, Appalachian State University (16th and 17th centuries)

Baroque Theatre, Bay and Izenour

Baker, Scenography in Early Opera, pp.  328-30 (PDF)

Leacroft, Classical Rebirth and Perspective Scenery (PDF)

How a 17th Century Naval Engineer, Atlas Obscura

Theater Machines, Diderot’s Encyclopedia


History of Ideas – Romanticism, School of Life

Theatre in France after the Revolution, Bay

Bayreuth Festspielhaus, Wikipedia

Baugh, Wagner Fuchs etc., pp. 372-78 (PDF)

Melodrama and Realism

Crash Course, Zola and Realism, PBS (start at 4:50)

Crash Course, Realism, PBS (stop at 6:45)

Daguerre’s Diorama, Dead Media Archive, NYU

19th and 20th century NYC and Broadway

Barnum’s American Museum, Bowery Boys History

McNamara, Brooks. “Popular Entertainment.” The Cambridge History of American Theatre, edited by Don B. Wilmeth and Christopher Bigsby, vol. 2, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999, pp. 378–410. Locate in City Tech Library Database: Cambridge Histories Online. READ ONLY: Orientation, Minstrel Show, Concert Saloon, Vaudeville, and Burlesque. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCESSING ARTICLES IN LIBRARY DATABASES: Go to City Tech Library page. Sign in with your Library ID (# on your student I.D. card. Use that number for both the username and password).  On left side of screen, click on “Find eBooks”. Click on “Browse by eBook Collection by Name” then click on first letter of title (“C” for Cambridge Histories Online). Click on source. Once inside this database, search for your article (“Popular Entertainment”). 

Cohen, “Blackface Minstrelsy” (PDF)

Taylor, Inventing Times Square, pp. 120-129 (PDF)

The Resurrection of 42nd Street, PBS 

Avant-garde: Symbolism

Weinstein, Stage and Audience, pp. 24-27 (PDF)

Appia, Reform Stage  (PDF)

Reactions to Naturalism, Encyclopaedia Britannica

Influence of Appia and Craig, Encyclopaedia Britannica

Expressionism and Brecht

Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre, British Library

Little Theatre Movement in the U.S.

Study Pack for History of Non-Profit in the U.S. (Read only one section according to assigned group. Present on your readings in class.)

Not-for-profit Theatre in America, Theatre Communications Group

Black Box Theatre, Theatre Development Fund

Thompson, Kathleen. “Harlem Renaissance.” Black Women in America, Second Edition. Ed. Darlene Clark HineNew York: Oxford UP, 2008. Oxford African American Studies Center. Locate in City Tech Library Database: Oxford African American Studies Center. Read only section: Alongside the Great White Way

Federal Theater Project, Library of Congress

The Show Must Go On: Theater in the Great Depression, Digital Public Library of America

Performance Art

Rhythm O, Marina Abromovic

Marina Abramovic Institute

Performance Art: An Introduction, Spivy

Site Specific, Immersive Theatre

The Rubytown Oracle, SIGNA (2007) (view slideshow also)

Journey to the Twilight Zone, Baker’s Dozen

Site Specific Theatre, Theatre Development Fund

What Would Jesus Buy?, Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy, Wikipedia (link) (subtopic Direct Action Campaigns)

Bauhaus and Kiesler

Friedrich Kiesler’s Work in Theatre: The Inception of an Interdisciplinary Universe, Lesák

Bauhaus: German School of Design, Encyclopaedia Britannica

Kiesler: The Stage Explodes, pp. 3-12 (PDF)

Deconstruction and Digital Mediation

Society of the Spectacle, Debord (read items 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 18, 24)

Einstein on the Beach (Spaceship), YouTube

Theory of Relativity, IDC

Jet Lag, Builder’s Association

House/Lights, Wooster Group

Hamlet, Wooster Group

Marranca, Wooster Group (highlighted text only) (PDF)

Dixon, Digital Performance, pp. 1-4; 23-25; 28-29; 334-37 (PDF)

Performative Architecture

Liz Diller Plays with Architecture, Ted Talks

Tschumi_Interview (PDF)

Kolarevic, Towards the Performative, pp. 205-13 (PDF)