Composing emails to the professor

Dear students,

Please use the opportunity in this class to practice your formal writing skills on email. Unlike Twitter and texting, emails to professionals, colleagues, and teachers require a formal approach. See the example below:

RE Line: clearly state topic of the email

SALUTATION: Dear [name],


  • Write in complete sentences.
  • Start your email by stating the purpose of the message [for instance, “I am writing to request a time to meet you in your office to discuss my work in the class.”
  • If you are asking for something, please write “please.”
  • Include all pertinent information so the reader doesn’t have to do additional work — such as last names, section numbers, times, dates, etc.


Thank you, [if you have asked for something]

Sincerely [or] Best regards, [if you are not asking for something]

Section 478 Teams and Theaters

Malik Griffith and Rolanda Boxhill: Apollo Theatre

Evan Mose and Catherine Mao: Joyce Theater

Ki-Peum Lee and Diana Salgado: La Mama

Malissa Ransom: BAM (Gillman Opera House or the Harvey?)

Mohamed  Hassan and Zoar Hai: Abron Arts Center

Emily Vilorio, Ming Qui: Studio 54

Joe Dumas and Mandy: Dixon Theater

Armen Guzman and Andy Vazquez: Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center

Ezequiel S. and Rafael M.: Robert Wilson Theater/MCC

Chris I. and Wen: American Theatre for Actors

Jonathan V.: Signature Theater





Section 476 Teams and Theaters

Bryan Matute and Christian: Vivian Beaumont
Alan Hernandez and Kevin Palomeque: La Mama
Ashley Criollo and Emily Y.: Beacon Theater
Robert A. and Yelissa: BAM, Harvey Theatre
Mark Hosein and Juan V.: Cherry Lane Theatre
Fernando Ortega and Steve Ortiz: Studio 54
Ronaldo Cuzco and Shanika Thompson : Apollo Theater (something else)
Karen Aguilar and Karina Castaneda: Vineyard Theater
Nicole ____ and Yaremi ____: Keen Company (Theater Row)
Brandon and Henry Cruz: Playwright’s Horizons
Onijah Lee and Jullian: Performance Space NY
Yelissa and Qazi: Atlantic Theater