One thought on “Act 2 – Theater Architecture project – Julian and Onijah”

  1. Julian and Onija. You haven’t really looked for information beyond Wikipedia (which is not considered legitimate) and two citations to the same site (the theater site itself). Your citations themselves are not complete. Since you needed one paragraph per citation, and you only have one paragraph overall, your annotation is also incomplete.

    Here is the grading rubric:

    A) Citations of sources: In order to get an “A”, the sources for information should provide rich and reliable information about the theater. Citations must be formatted according to MLA or Chicago rules and include all essential information including title, author, publication, page numbers, date, url, etc.).

    B) Annotation: In order to get an “A”, the annotation (written summary) needs to be a minimum of one paragraph (per citation) and should address each and every prompt. There must be evidence that both members of the group contributed to the assignment and the writing must be grammatically correct and clear. It is suggested that team members take turns writing and revising drafts before posting.

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