ACT2 Jose Dumas & Mandy Li

2 thoughts on “ACT2 Jose Dumas & Mandy Li”

  1. Mandy and Jose,
    I’m a little confused by this submission. Although it’s pretty well-written, the last paragraph is a duplication of previous content. Also, have you submitted Act 1 yet? That needs to come first. Finally, you didn’t answer the questions to either Act 1 or 2 directly. Read the prompts carefully and resubmit Act 1 before Act 2. I’ll wait to grade your resubmission.
    Prof. Swift

  2. Incomplete. Missing bibliographic citations, photograph attributions, sketch information (artist, subject) and image of ticket stubs. You should also write your report in the present tense since you are talking about a theater that still exists. Finally, make sure you differentiate between the original building and the theater itself … since I believe the theater is an adapted space. Please resubmit and let me know when you have completed the assignment.

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