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3 thoughts on “Art1&2_476_Nicole_Yaremi”

  1. Nicole and Yaremi,
    This is a very good report. You answered all the prompts. Two quick notes: I doubt very much it was perspective scenery. The single-point perspective scenery we learned about is painted scenery and is not realistic. It is “forced” perspective. In other words, the painting on the flats makes it seem the space is larger than it is. Do you understand the difference between what you saw and what we discussed in class? Also, there were quite a few typos and spelling errors. Please review your work before submitting.
    Prof. Swift

  2. Nicole and Yaremi,
    Excellent work. Were the sketches done by hand or with a computer application of some kind? They are quite impressive (maybe they were traced? which is fine). Remember that your photographs need a citation and if they are borrowed from another site, then a Creative Commons license. Looking forward to seeing your final project!
    Prof. Swift

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