This semester was my second semester at City Tech, and compared to my first, has turned out to be more pleasant. For starters, I dished my first major choice (accounting) for the perfect major for me: professional and technical writing. I changed my major from accounting to writing at the end of first semester because I knew accounting wasn’t what I truly wanted to study. I wanted to be a writer for some time, but was petrified of studying writing in college because of how the media portrays liberal arts and  sciences and regularly ties these degrees to unemployability.  But I couldn’t take it anymore–letting society tell me what I can and cannot do or what I should do.  I had to follow my dream of becoming a writer and entrepreneur.

Something about being around people who have goals, even if they don’t  fully understand why they are pursuing their degree completely, is what gives me more motivation to set my own.  I can’t begin to share how much being back in college has increased my professional drive.  As a returning student, being around peers that are around my age (many are a little younger), has humbled me, given me gratification and has given me confirmation that I can handle myself while I am here. The people I am around influence me everyday in a positive way because I pull from their behavior and ideas, while remaining clear of the not so good things I see them engaging in.


People may not believe in the power of education or the power of an education from a CUNY college, but they don’t have to because students like me see the opportunity in both.  In my second semester, I landed three jobs, one of which has given me an amazing chance to work with a successful professor on an important research project that directly affects City Tech.  I have gained one friend and more will be gained.  I am transitioning into my sophomore year on a strong note with even more opportunities in the future.  For someone from my background that finally has a chance to pursue their dreams and career goals at this time, a college like City Tech is a golden ticket.

I hope next semester will be even better. I hope to make some changes that will make me an even better student and that will propel me forward in my professional career. I have set a few new goals including working on my editing skills,  obtaining Microsoft applications training and certifications, building my writing services website, securing an internship over the summer, and starting my first suspense novel that I hope to get published professionally.