Hello, my name is Shayina Dubuisson and one has an Associates and Bachelorette degree in Business and Technology of Fashion. Shayina has excellent craftsmanship skills in visual merchandising, sewing, and makeup artistry. She gained visual merchandising skills from working at The North Face on 5th avenue as a visual merchandiser. As she was working at the North Face, she learned how to dress mannequins according to season and trend and make the windows in the store look appealing to customers. Shayina also learned how to sew at Moods Fabrics fabric store and took the beginner’s sewing class. One was taught how to thread the sewing machine, thread the bobbin, top stitch, straight stitch, and they also taught her about fabric, the difference between a lining fabric and canvas fabric. At the end of the course one finished by making a beautiful tote bag, which made one want start pursue her own business called Bold Capsules (www.boldcapsules.com),which is an accessories brand which sales trendy and fashion earrings, hair clips, and hand made clutches. Makeup began as a self-taught skill and later for Shayina, but she wanted to gain more professionalism and techniques in the way she did makeup so I did a Professional makeup artistry at Chic Studios makeup school and became a certified makeup artist (view certificate here). Shayina’s craftsmanship skills sets me apart from others because it shows that one have a creative mind set. My logo represents me in a sense where one consider myself as a women of color who is strong minded and also have a lot leadership skills. Being an entrepreneur has lead me to gain a lot of leadership skills because one had to navigate my own brand strategically. The colors behind the women entails my bright creativity.

My career goal is to one day be apart of a Public Relations team in cosmetics or fashion brand. One wants to pursue a career in public relations because I have good marketing and business mindset and these skills can be viewed in the marketing tab. You can also view my makeup instagram to see how portray my brand image as a makeup artist (ShyLouriMUA). One believe she has the knowledge to promote and market a brand according to its brand image and use the marketing that one has learned in college and apply it to my job in business and marketing. 



The selection of colors for one’s e-portfolio and logo is a representation of Shayina’s characteristic traits and personality. Pink means peace, feminine, and harmony (Olsen, 2020).The Pink color was implemented throughout her site and logo because it represents the proud femininity that she coveys. Shayina is proud to be a black women that is striving and breaking boundaries. One wanted pink to be the main color of her e-portfolio because being a women is primarily who she is. The color purple has several meanings, but the words that stood out the most to one about the color is creativity, independence, and wisdom (Bourn, 2011). The reason why these words stood out to one the most is because Shayina is a creative and wise individual and she is able to make smart decisions her own. One coordinated the pink and the purple together in a diamond shaped pattern, as the background of her e-portfolio because she also feels that purple is another main color that represents her. One also added the color turquoise which represents balance and calmness (Przybyla, 2015). One has shown to be a calm and understanding especially working in group project. Shayina has learned that working in group projects isn’t easy, but in order for a group project to be a success there need to be humbleness and humility so everyone can be receptive to one another. The two final colors that one used was magenta and black for the women in the drape in the logo. The magenta represents helpfulness and it also means a person who puts others first before themselves (Magenta Color Meaning, 2020). Shayina likes to help out the community and she loves giving back even if she is not asked to do so. One have done a lot of volunteer work at fashion shows to help and to showcase her talent. Black represents power and sophistication (Smith, 2015). Shayina believes she has confidence and power to accomplish all her goals by working on them each day. One has a lot of determination and guidance to get her down the path to success.


One chose the “paragraph” font for her e-portfolio because she believes it shows professionalism and it is easy to read. The font that I decide to use for my logo “Exquisite Shayina” is in the font Reis regular, which is a handwritten font by Marcelo Reis Melo . The article from “Reis Free Font” states that using a handwritten font for a logo can help a brand look unique and adds style to the brand image (Resis Free Font, 2020). One wanted the font to show and emphasize her creative background and sense of fashion. Shayina’s creativity is one of her strongest assets and it is important to let the visitors who are visiting her site acknowledge that, so they could know that one has the skills to do artistic work.

Mission Statement

My mission statement is to graduate college with my Bachelorette and to continue to work different types of internships to gain more experience. Gaining experience is important to me because getting hands on experience in the field that one desire can put one on a higher standard than others. One of my biggest accomplishments along with my educational degrees is receiving my certification in makeup because this shows that one has gained the skills of professionalism in makeup and hopefully will be able to use this to get job in public relations in makeup. One will also continue sewing and become an expert at it because in realization it’s a skill that many fashion brands admire, and one will like to eventually use this skill to create her own clothing brand. One has already created a business and the name of it is called Bold Capsules accessories it is an accessory brand that sells handmade clutches, hair accessories and soon we will add different style purses and jewelry on to the site.


  • Is to have a successful e-commerce brand in 2 years. In order for my brand Bold Capsules to be successful the use of internal and external marketing will have to be done to reach my target market. Staying knowledgeable about trends along with implementing fashion forecasting to predict the upcoming trends will help me to get accessories that my target market will like which can increase my profit margins.
  • Sewing everyday will help me to enhance in my skills in sewing. My current level of sewing will be intermediate because there are few things, I am capable of sewing such as sewing on a zipper to a bag or dress, along with making a clutch, romper, and dress.
  • Although one of my goals is to have my own business and want to gain experience on the business side of fashion to enable myself to get a professional job after one graduates’ college in June 2020. My current internship, Kendall and Kylie has helped me a lot with gaining knowledge about sample room inventory and merchandising. Working at another showroom will be very exciting because the Kendall and Kylie team has taught me a lot.
  • One will need to keep applying to jobs so one can be employed by the time she graduates. Currently, one is applying to two jobs every day and due to the current pandemic, she has not received a call back.
  •  Making sure that my resume and cover letter conveys professionalism in fashion will also increase my risk of landing a job in public relations or as a creative director.


  • One will like to work in public relations for a makeup brand or fashion brand.
  • Another short-term goal is for my brand, Bold Capsules, to gain popularity and exposure.
  • One of my long-term goals is to own at 5 business by the age of 35.
  • Another long- term is to own a house at the age of 29 and have a successful career.
  • One will become an expert at the sewing machine very soon, and hopefully will launch her own clothing with consistency.

Bold Capsules is a brand that provides women with trendy, fashionable, and appealing accessories that suits their individual styles. The brand started in 2018 as Couture by Dubuisson when Shayina Dubuisson was making handmade clutches for women, then Shayina Dubuisson wanted to add more things into my brand such as trendy hair pins and sunglasses. She eventually came up with the name “Bold capsules” because she was making accessories that stand out and she believe every accessory is a great ensemble to every outfit.