City Tech PLAN Week, November 1 — 5, 2021

During PLAN week, we offer information to help you plan your next steps—from choosing classes and learning how to register to finding out where to get support and make connections within the college. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a successful and personal PLAN. Also, by completing PLAN Week daily forms, you will be entered in a raffle pool for $50 MasterCard gift cards. If you participate all 5 PLAN Week questionnaires, you will be entered for a grand prize of $300.
We recommend that you set aside 20-30 minutes a day this week, and watch one video and follow it by answering the corresponding response form.
Monday, November 1: Start your PLAN with the Introduction to Academic Advising video and respond here.
Tuesday, November 2: PLAN your academic career by watching Understanding Your Degree Requirements and respond here.
Wednesday, November 3: PLAN your academic advising appointment by watching Creating a Semester-by-Semester Plan and respond here.
Thursday, November 4: PLAN to register by watching Introduction to Registration and respond here.
Friday, November 5: PLAN to get involved by watching How to Get Involved (video
coming soon!)
 and respond here.
All of the videos and forms are available from now until Sunday, November 7 at Any responses filled out by midnight on the seventh will be eligible for the raffle. Good luck, and start planning!

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