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Project#2 – Describe My Location

Looking up Court St. Across State st. & down Court St.


The location I chose was on the corner of Court St. & State St., in front of the movie theater that’s about to close down. I chose this location because I thought it was a good spot to see up and down the street clearly to find the juxtaposition.

I’ve realized that how  the movie theater and the buildings on the same side look older compared to the buildings on the other side of Court St. It looks more modern and new. I find that to be the old & new New York looking at each other without even knowing their ages or when they were built. I don’t think they’re overlapping but I found that to be interesting to point out.

As I look back up the street, I can see the court building in the middle of court st, which is juxtaposed with a modern business building next to it.  In that area is mostly busy with people with suits and ties. Noisy cars driving back and forth. There wasn’t that much  nature in the area, but as you turn the corner down Court St., there’s more greener as in trees you pass and look down other streets.

There are a lot of restaurants in the area, so, you smell different food in the air. Hamburgers, fries, pizza, etc. I would recommend if your really hunger, you should come here to get a lot of food choices to nimble on. This street doesn’t seem as busy as the other area I spoke about, but the people seem more laid back and having a good time. This area seems to be like a hang out area to go eat or do some shopping.