Project#2 – Describe My Location

Looking up Court St. Across State st. & down Court St.


The location I chose was on the corner of Court St. & State St., in front of the movie theater that’s about to close down. I chose this location because I thought it was a good spot to see up and down the street clearly to find the juxtaposition.

I’ve realized that how  the movie theater and the buildings on the same side look older compared to the buildings on the other side of Court St. It looks more modern and new. I find that to be the old & new New York looking at each other without even knowing their ages or when they were built. I don’t think they’re overlapping but I found that to be interesting to point out.

As I look back up the street, I can see the court building in the middle of court st, which is juxtaposed with a modern business building next to it.  In that area is mostly busy with people with suits and ties. Noisy cars driving back and forth. There wasn’t that much  nature in the area, but as you turn the corner down Court St., there’s more greener as in trees you pass and look down other streets.

There are a lot of restaurants in the area, so, you smell different food in the air. Hamburgers, fries, pizza, etc. I would recommend if your really hunger, you should come here to get a lot of food choices to nimble on. This street doesn’t seem as busy as the other area I spoke about, but the people seem more laid back and having a good time. This area seems to be like a hang out area to go eat or do some shopping.



Aural Topographies: Research

It was hard for me to draw what I hear in some songs that I enjoy, but I finally found one that’s more smooth and soothing by Celine Dion. Her voice and the music helped me visual picture more. At first I can see wavy and soft lines and small hills forming when she hits her soft high note. The sound does have the same beat and the pattern doesn’t change as she sings with the music.

As I said before, the soft wavy lines are short and more expanded as the music plays in the beginning of the song. Then gets longer with the waves becoming closer together, but not sharp at all. Also, solid lines when things become silent. When the music picks up, not too loud, there are medium sized circles in the middle of the picture. That represents the bass or the drums. As the music fades at the end, the lines fades as well.  It’s more of a Legato song.

Summary of the reading, “City Limits”

To think New York wasn’t the New York that’s infront of you. That’s strange to think about as you gaze at the Freedom tower. But the tower wasn’t always there. You just believe or imagine having your own New York to make you feel at “home”.

Colton whitehead, whom wrote the reading, “City Limits”, states that as the years go by, old New York is changing rapidly without everybody knowing or being herald. So it can’t ever come back. He still sees some buildings now as they were in the past. He even says that the people who own those old buildings didn’t even know that it was neglected and abandon,so, it was gone without saying goodbye. Even if we don’t see or know the Old or new New York, whithead states that the city knows everything about us. Basically, he says you can have your own New York but it’s wrong.

Field Trip Reflection

This trip made me learn so much about how books and printing began and was made. Having to look around the first & second exhibits we went to, I really felt the meaning from every artwork.  How the artists put so much work and feeling into them, makes my heart stop. Also to stand there in person, makes a total differences if we looked at it from a video or tv. I enjoyed this trip 🙂 I can’t wait for the other trips in the future! it was very interesting and made me think more about my work.

Reflection on Eng1101 Project#1

I thought this project was pretty fun and easy to complete because it’s mostly about myself. Writing about yourself is a very simple assignment but there’s a limit, so, there’s not a lot of rambling. Surprisly I learned more about myself as an artist and other’s passions. It was very interesting to read other’s drafts to know about them.

I was pretty proud of all of it. But I would say my bio is the one thing I’m sort proud of. It’s starts to make the reader know the a little important stuff about me. So the bio is a important starter point to me. Anyway, I thought the feedbacks/comments from my fellow classmates was really helpful because without that I wouldn’t know if my draft need Provements or if it was fine enough.

Honestly, I would say this project took me 3 or 4 hours in total to do everything. It wasn’t that hard but thinking about what to write about was the hard part. The outline of my draft actually took the most time to do because I didn’t know what to write about for 30 mins. Yep, for 30 mins. Writers block to its fullest.

For the next project will be sort of longer for me to complete. But I’ll try not to think about it as long it’s going to take me, but how well it’ll turn out.

Summary of Project #1

Project#1  was mostly for us to have the chance to introduce ourselves and share our personally interests/goals. There were a few steps to do this project correctly in 4 paragraphs. First paragraph,  We need to have a bio, which is about yourself or what you’re deeply passionate or interested in. The professor requested that we add our bio in our profile, so, others can read and get to know more about the person. Second, put our official profile picture or as professor states, “avatar” that represents who we are and personality. Need enough details and explain how the image represents you. Third, have consideration on how the image can be interpreted differently. Like how can someone might understand your picture differently than what you mean. Fourth,  share what’s completed image will convey about you overall.

All of these have to be posted on our eportfolio, catorgarized as ENG1101 Project#1.

View From My Window : Assessment

I would like the start off with saying how frustrating that final work was to complete. I mean it was interesting and new to do in my opinion, but I’m a perfectionist so it was difficult for me to do it just right.

I was relieved to see how some of my classmates pointed out my work and gave me awesome and agreeable suggestions for it to improve a little more. But I was glad to hear that they liked it. To me, they were more of positive and honest feedbacks which is what I wanted to hear of course. Thanks for the suggestions and honest feedbacks!

A City Tech OpenLab ePortfolio