Summary of, “Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan

It’s starts off about a brief friendships as in a connection with author and a woman named Lucy Kolkin business meeting and slowly lost touch. The author was researching for a novel about a woman who worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during World War II. That woman was Lucy that worked as a shipfitter. The author read her letters about her work, whole life and her love Alfred Kolkin. Lucy showed how  hard-working she was and sort of a jokester to make things positive. The letters also contain the two lovers talking to each other. As Alfred was in the war and she was working , they still tired to stay in touch. But in the end, as the author reads on, she decides to leave those two alone and use the research that she needed.

Project#2: Topographies: Animated Gif Mashup

Took an hour to complete.
Took an hour to complete. No Sound


I’ve been having a hard time doing this project for a long time. Even though this project is way over due, I was happy enough to get the chance to finish it. (thanks, Prof. Spevack). I didn’t really enjoy this project because i dont have any experience with photoshop or making a gif. It’s awesome to do something new, but this wasn’t the type of thing i would do in the future. But i learned that I need to stop complaining and do whatever to finish everything.

Project#3: Assessment

I thought this project was really fun and exciting. Even though it took a lot of time thinking, it was worth it. As I was completing this project, I thought, “wow. I just painted and it looks pretty weird”. I didn’t enjoy painting at all honestly. The last time I’ve painted, was when I was five years old and doing it again now felt really awkward and nerve-racking. Anyway, I thought the collage parlors a real thinker because it was hard to think about what to make to be the focal point without using any body parts from my photo. But it was still fun to do. I’ve learned to just have fun with this project, not rush or think too hard about being perfect. But I thought I should did the painting better because it doesn’t look neat and rushed. Next time I’ll try to have a steady pace with my projects in the future and not think to hard.

Freewrite : Places in New York that make you the happiest

I would say being in the park areas in the city like Central Park or parks near my neighborhood makes me happier. Why you ask, because being there helps me think clearly about problems and try to think about how to resolve them with no rush. It’s such a calm & peaceful atmosphere that makes me want to live there. But sometimes the park isn’t so calm, peaceful or quiet because of people playing music, doing construction, having a parties, or etc. Surprisingly, it doesn’t ruin my mood. If the people are having fun and in a good mood, then I’m happy to see them enjoying themselves in the park. Anyway, the parks are “man-made” and I don’t care because it’s incredible to see what man has created for everybody to enjoy. It’s their masterpiece that I respect and call art work of beauty.

Reflection & Summary of the reading, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?”


In the reading, “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful”, from the Atlantic CityLab, tests out if people enjoy walking in a more beautiful, happy, & quieter route or a more shorter route. It states that the participants that volunteered this experiment was shown two pictures of the location of London, which was the “test city”, had to choose which was more beautiful, happy, or quiet. But the more of them that picked between the pictures, it was altogether a general agreement. Using that, they had to have judges that were familiar with London to test it out. But it was all depending on what the weather or time of day to walk on those routes (beautiful, happy, shortest, or quiet) and they simply took pictures of the route they were on instead of walking. So, that information proved that the photosharing site Flickr, owned by Yahoo!, was good alternative  for everybody.


My Preference/alternative for a route that is not the shortest would be able to see more nature or greener scenery to make feel calm and peaceful. Seeing more in the route you choose would make the trip more interesting and not a waste of time. Make time for just a stroll somewhere that can make you feel lighter or stress free. I noticed that people love to see new, beautiful, historic things around them. It’s fun to watch actually. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying walking every since I was able to stand on my two little feels. I don’t care about how far or how long it would be for me to, but if someone was with me, they would be asking me questions over and over of where we’re going, how far is it, why do we have to walk so much, we can go this way. It’s annoying. Mostly throughout my life, I walked alone to places I want to clear my mind when I’m stressed or angry. Like walking around nature is the best and long route to do. You could be walking around in circles for hours and didn’t even know it because your just focusing on the surroundings than the time. It helped me with  my struggle with depression years ago (makes me show old even though I’m 19 years old) and it can helps others as well. I think I’m rambling.

10/27 Summary for ENG1101

On October 27 in English, we basically started off doing our Midterm Exam for the rest of the class time. We had to write an essay involving the reading Professor Rosen gave us last week, “A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport”. The essay was a 5 paragraph or more structure on a blue booklet. If we wanted to plan before writing, we were instructed to write behind the question sheet or in the blue booklet, not on any pieces of paper. We had two choices (A or B) on what we want to write. To note, we didn’t have the chance to keep those questions to remember them. But we had to use quotes from the reading to support and back up the essay.

Summary of the reading, “A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport”

In this New York Times article by Charles McGrath, he discusses about a tall, longed haired, and usual author named, Will Self, that only walks to place to place. Mr. Self lived in London but he had to travel to New York. He didn’t take any transportation to get to the airport, but walked there. To think how he has the ability and time to so much walking in one day. In the past, Mr. Self was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It was affecting his career and life, so, he turned to the path of becoming clean for eight years. He rebuilt his energy by taking extreme hikes and walks and it helped him stay away from the addictions. While he was visiting New York, he came across many things in the city and seen things that even New Yorker didn’t notice or acknowledge. This man didn’t like to be sociable or happy in the past when his demons were holding him down, but eight years later, Mr. Self changed into a new and inspiring man that walks anywhere and enjoy anything he sees.

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