Project#2 :Summary & Reflection

For Project#2, I had to write about the location I chose that was 15 minutes away from CityTech.  My location was on Court st. & State st. next to this old looking movie theater. I wrote about how interested I was in the area  for being a more relaxed and uplifting atmosphere. Even discussed the overlap/ juxtaposition cities from where I stood and the area I see from a far distance.


As we read the reading, “City Limits”, by Colson Whitehead, he writes about the overlap of different New Yorks. We had to find some different overlapping New Yorks ourselves. To walk anywhere that’s 15 to 20 minutes or more away from Citytech. Also look for New yorks that juxtaposition (example: old and new structures). Then we had to write an essay in 900-1200 words. In our essays, we needed to add our senses, hearing, smelling, and seeing and quotes from the reading, “Ciy limits”, to support the essay. But we had to prepare before jumping into the essay. We had to choose a location that is right to you and then chart our course to the location from Citytech. Needs to have more details than Google. Next, describe the location with much details as you can with the sights and about the juxtaposition. Then explain why you chose the location and try to add Whitehead’s quotes.

Finally, you can get started with the essay!


This project has made me learn more about the area around Citytech/Brooklyn. I don’t live around the area or in Brooklyn in general but this help me realize that there’s so much more in Brooklyn never knew about that I never knew about. It was fun and interesting to see the new sites with someone and see more of the area than what I see from just a glance. I wanted to see everything in such little time. The area I chose as an example, to find the overlapping in this area was sort of difficult but intriguing as I kept looking for its juxtaposition. But as I read Whitehead’s words, most of his quotes really help me find it in the area and I had to look deeper into it. Anyway, I was mostly  proud of how I describe the movie theater and the court building because I thought I had a lot to say about them of course.

Total time on Project#2: 

6 hrs I spent on the project altogether.

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