YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

This particular post of Yaya Tea is effective because, in my opinion, it was the most active with their followers. Yaya Tea did a collaboration with Room for Tea NYC Pop Up Art Room and gave a contest with the followers to win a ticket to visit the event. This post ensured active followers, spread of the word for Yaya Tea, and public advertising. In addition to that, the image itself is artsy, and gives a good look for Yaya Tea. It perceives a look where you can drink a fun and tasty beverage.


2 thoughts on “YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

  1. staceycoissy


    This picture is effective because it’s advertising YaYa tea tea & the snacks that are sold in the stores very concretely. Everyone loves concrete pictures & messages. The caption “ Best teas for life ! Who would you share this perfect conbo with” makes the picture even stronger because it gives me friendship, family and relationship vibes. You can share this drink & snack with someone close to your heart or even a stranger.

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