YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

This post from YaYa Tea’s instagram is effective in helping their brand because it showcases their products in a very aesthetically pleasing way. It displays their famous onigiris, their drinks that come with a cute side note, and as shown in the back ground, the large selection of delicious treats. The quality of the photo is great, colorful, and eye-catching!

Yaya Tea

6 thoughts on “YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

  1. staceycoissy

    This picture is creative & the background is very clean. This pictures makes me want to go to Yaya Tea & try every snack in the background. This is a great picture.

  2. Xiao


    I think this Instagram can be effective, it has a nice background of how the store looks like and there are a group of girls looking happy gathering in YAYA with the foods. It kinda expresses the idea that YAYA is a chill place to go with friends. And the background is so nice and relax, i feel like people will go there to take Instagram pictures.

    1. Jane

      I loved this post too. Looks so pretty, nothing superfluous. Everything on their places and catches attention. And autumn pumpkin flavor, I love everything with pumpkin spice.

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