YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

cup of tea

Dear Students:

OpenLab Assignment, post is due before next class:

  • Explore YaYa’s social media (you should already be following them)
  • Grab a screen shot of what you think is the most effective post
  • Post the screenshot on OpenLab
  • Explain why the particular post you chose is effective, how does it relate to the brand?
  • Comment on a classmate’s post



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7 thoughts on “YaYa’s Social Media: What Works?

  1. Mim


    According to me, this particular post is effective because YAYA is giving away a opportunity to get free tickets for movie lover. It also showcases the actual products for what customers will get attracted to. This small bottles of beverages contains the symbol of freshness and relaxation. Apart from this, the response from the customers also shows it’s another way to attract the customers towards their products as they were mentioning their friends to see the post and the offer YAYA was providing. Also the overall decoration of this picture was amazing and cute.

  2. Elijah


    I believe this post to be YaYa Tea’s most effective. The post stimulates follower interaction and creates a positive image for the brand. It allows followers/customers to know that the YaYa Tea brand cares about their customers and is not all about making money. When a customer feels like their needs and recommendations are being taken into consideration, they will show more support to YaYa Tea. This creates a more welcoming environment for new and old customers, and will increase sales.

  3. AgnesCsepany


    This post seems effective since it displays both YaYa’s tea and their rice ball. It is suggested that they have seasonal tea options both by the 2 different kind of teas and the background. It also showcases their delicious rice balls and customers like a variety of options. I found the picture inviting and well constructed and I think it creates a desirable atmosphere for customers to enjoy a cozy environment with tea and food.

  4. KevKev


    I feel like this post is very effective because they’re not only trying to get their name out with rice balls and their bubble tea but they also came up with merchandise like the hoodie that has a really nice design and color to it. It’s perfect because it is Fall and Fall is known for hoodie, sweaters, etc. to keep people warm. I also feel like it’s a way of advertising because if someone buys the hoodie and wears it other people will see and may want to order one as well, which will eventually lead them to trying out YaYa Tea’s food.

  5. Syed124


    This post I feel is the most effective by showcasing YaYa Tea’s rice balls and bubble tea they offer with the support of customers who’ve purchased it and had shared pictures of the product. They had created a multi-image collage by putting together appealing images that were tagged from customers that posted them. Not only does this give exposure, but it attracts people on social media who aren’t aware of YaYa Tea’s brand that can potentially expand their business. It also displays an overall representation of the primary products they targeted to highlight the most popular dish people order.

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