Myers & Briggs Personality Test Assignment

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you make to-do lists or is your approach to getting things done less structured? Insights into your personality can help you understand why you need alone time after a party or why you feel energized after socializing all night!

As a marketer, you’ll spend time trying to understand how to reach your target market, which, in part, depends on understanding why they make the decisions they make. For this assignment you will:

1. Go to website: 16Personalities and take the free personality test. Answer the questions below (2-6) in your post.

  1. What personality type are you?
  2. Were you surprised at the results of your test?
  3. Read about your personality type: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type?
  4. What approach should a marketer take to get your attention and get you to buy their company’s product?
  5. Based on the test results, what type of job in marketing would be best for you? Does this align with the type of marketing job you want?
  6. Respond to at least one post on this thread
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About Denise H. Sutton, PhD

Denise H. Sutton, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business at City Tech-CUNY. She is the author of Globalizing Ideal Beauty: Women, Advertising, and the Power of Marketing (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, 2012). An expert on advertising beauty, Sutton has lectured widely on the subject at universities and at corporations such as Unilever and Firmenich. She developed and taught courses on advertising and gender at the New School University, New York City, and lectures at the Fashion Institute of Technology—SUNY.

37 thoughts on “Myers & Briggs Personality Test Assignment

  1. AgnesCsepany

    2. I am a Protagonist (ENFJ-A).
    3. A little.
    4. Strengths: tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, natural leader
    Weaknesses: overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, fluctuating self-esteem, struggle to make tough decisions.
    5. Company is honest about its product. Product is backed up by science/facts.
    6. Based on the results, the best job in marketing, for me, would be advertising consultant.
    My plan is to eventually move forward into healthcare administration, as I would like to manage a medical facility or hospital floor, but who know?!

  2. Jane

    2. I am a mediator.
    3. Was a bit surprised.
    4. Strengths: idealistic, very creative (I cannot say Very), seek and value harmony, passionate and energetic, dedicated and hard-working.
    Weaknesses: too idealistic (this is really true), too altruistic, impractical, dislike dealing with data (I really doubt it), take things personally, difficult get to know.
    5. I think it is really hard to catch my attention and trust, people needs to work really hard to get me but once they did so I am with them for a long time.
    6. Based on results, the best job will be creative works. I like finding new ways of doing something. I can definitely say that routine work is not for me, I like to learn something new everyday.

  3. KevKev

    2. What personality type are you? CONSUL (ESFJ-A)

    3. Were you surprised at the results of your test?
    Not at all because I already knew the type of person I’m already am. Especially if I’ve been told by many people.

    4. Read about your personality type: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type?

    Strong practical skills
    Strong sense of duty
    Sensitive and warm
    Good at connecting with others

    Worried about their social status
    Reluctant to innovate or improvise
    Vulnerable to criticism
    Often too needy
    Too selfless

    5. What approach should a marketer take to get your attention and get you to buy their company’s product?
    I would have to say interest followed by honesty because if it does not interest me I don’t care. It’s like going into a steakhouse and they’re trying to sell you sushi. You interest is steak, no sushi right? So therefore you wouldn’t even care about the sushi. Trust would be second most important because if you can’t trust from a marketer that you’re dealing with you’re basically wasting your time and putting yourself in a sketchy spot.

    6. Based on the test results, what type of job in marketing would be best for you? Does this align with the type of marketing job you want?
    My type of marketing job would be sitting in an office with other workers, I feel like that would be most ideal and comfortable for me based on the personality that I have. Yes this does align with the type of marketing job I want because it matches with exactly what I want.

  4. Christina

    2. I am a Protagonist ( ENFJ-A)
    3. I was surprised a little bit
    4. Basically some of my personality’s strengths is that I am charismatic, reliable, tolerant, altruistic, and a natural leader. Some of my personality’s weaknesses is that I am too selfless, oversensitive , and struggle to make my own decisions.
    5. I believe in my own opinion its all about trust and care into your product and make sure it is safe and successful.
    6. Based on my results. the type of job that I will do best is creative works because I believe that I can use my creativity to create new ideas. I plan to become an entrepreneur one day and that is one way I can succeed.

  5. aleury martinez rodriguez

    What personality type are you?
    I am a adventurer type.
    Were you surprised at the results of your test?
    to be honest I was surprise.
    Read about your personality type: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type?

    Everyone is an artist, but not everyone knows it!
    This trait determines how we interact with our environment.
    This trait shows where we direct our mental energy.
    This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions.
    This trait reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making.
    What approach should a marketer take to get your attention and get you to buy their company’s product?
    if they want to get my attention they need to be respectful and honest.
    Based on the test results, what type of job in marketing would be best for you? Does this align with the type of marketing job you want?
    base on the result the type of job I would like is to create my own company due to the fact that I would like to create my own things in the future. I believe I can use my strength and weakness in other to be successful.

  6. Luis Tepale

    2. Consul
    3. I was very surprised
    4. Strengths: Strong Practical skills, Strong sense of duty, very loyal, sensitive and warm, and good at connecting with others. Weaknesses: Worried about their social status, inflexible, reluctant to innovate or improvise, Vulnerable to criticism, often to needy. Too selfless
    5. A marketer should give me details about the product and how it can benefit me in a way.
    6. Based on my results, the best marketing job for me will be managing people since I connect very well with people and have good practical skills.

  7. Elijah

    2. I am a Mediator (INFP-A).
    3. I was slighlty surprised about how accurately the test described my personality.
    4. Strengths: Optimistic, open-minded and flexible, creative, strongly passionate about interests, hard-working, and dedicated.
    Weaknesses: Too idealistic, forgets to take care of the needs of others, can be impratical when pursuing their passion, takes criticism and challenges personally, and is difficult to get to know.
    5. A marketer would have to share my same interests and values to get my attention. For me to buy the product, the marketer would have to prove to me that the product is useful and would cater to my interests or needs.
    6. Based on the test results, a job that is meaningful and will allow me to use my creativity is best for me. The job would avoid high-stress, busy environments, routine work, and would either be done alone or with a close team. I want to become an entrepreneur, so this does align with the type of job I want because it will allow me to always utilize my creativity, avoid routine work, and share my ideas with a close team of people.

  8. Jhaun McKenzie

    2. The personality type I received was Logician (INTP-A)
    3. I fully understand what it meant to have this personality type, but as I read more about the personality type, I realized that I actually do display a lot of these these traits. This was especially true then they talked about Logicians being receptive to new ideas as long as the supporting evidence was sufficient. Also felt like I identified with this when they talked about valuing the truth and logic over emotions as a way of being objective when making decisions.
    4. Strengths
    Great Analyst and Abstract Thinkers
    Imaginative and Original
    Honest and Straightforward

    Very Private and Withdrawn
    Loathe Rules and Guidelines
    Second-Guess Themselves
    5. The best approach for marketers to take when trying to get my attention would be communicate the value this product would have on my life. If the product doesn’t improve upon something I already have or provide something I didn’t know I genuinely needed, then I am more likely to not take this product seriously.
    6. The site stated that Logicians are great at analyzing patterns and are more comfortable doing freelance work as consultants. Due to this the job someone of my personality type would be best suited for would be a Marketing Consultant. Being able to analyze patterns for a company then presenting new ways that they can improve their marketing strategy work well for my personality type. I also think that this position would be right for me because it would allow me to use critical thinking skills to develop new ways to do things that work more efficiently for the company I’m working for.

  9. hassankhalil

    2. Architect
    3. I was not surprised at all since I feel as if I have been in tons of situations that test my self internally.
    4. One of the weaknesses are that we are very rare and hard to find anyone that thinks and acts as we do
    Strength would be that we remain rational no matter how attractive the end goal may be.
    5. Since I am based of reason and logic best way to get me behind a product is to show me how good and affective the product is and how I need it .
    6. The best career with my personality would be a product marketing since I would show logic and real reason also will show how to increase brand awareness. It does align with the type of career I am aiming for.

    1. Sebavill2

      Will you take advantage of your architectural peornality as a way to create a new way of thinking since you have a open mind and good source of creativity in your future career?

  10. TiffanieChen

    2. Mediator (INFP-T)
    3. I was not surprised when I saw the results, especially when it said I was 70% introverted.
    4. Strengths: People who are close to me will often come to me for support because I am optimistic about things, value of harmony, open minded, creativity, being passionate and energetic about things
    Dedicated/Hard working
    Weakness: too idealistic, too altruistic, impractical, dislike dealing with data, taking things personally, difficult to get to know.
    5. A marketer should try to get my attention by letting it be known that their company is working to help others. For example, some amount of their money earned go could towards helping with hurricane relief.
    6. For me, I think the best job in marketing would be something like customer service. I understand how stressful/disappointing it can get when you receive something you aren’t satisfied with. It feels better to talk to an actual person rather than getting an automated message It makes them feel like their voice is heard and someone is trying to help them right away.

  11. marcosm5

    2. I am a commander.
    3. Yes a lot.
    4. Strengths: Efficient, energetic, self confident, strong willed, strategic thinkers, charismatic and inspiring.
    5. A marketer should show me a very positive difference between their competition and them. Also, show me that the relationship between our businesses will be long term and at the top in both of our perspective fields.
    6. Based on the results the best type of marketing position for me is to become a respected leader of an organization or team (executive positions). Personally I thought I would be working for a brand/company but I can totally see this happening in the future.

  12. Sebavill2

    2. Adventurer Perosnality (ISFP, -A/-T)
    3. Sort of yeah. I wasn’t expecting for the word “adventurer” to be used to describe the type of person I am but the description fits pretty accurately.
    4. Strength: Imagintiave, charming, curious, passionate, artistic. Just overall a bondable enegry who can work both outside the box and/or according to plan.
    Weaknesses: unpredictable, competitive, idependent. Trying to give out the best quality I can against others with or without a group if needed.
    5. Be creative. Show me something that I can only rely on you for it and is set aside in comparison to your competition or related products.
    6. Management because of the flexibility power I would have and be able to initiate new idea to a way of my liking to attract customers that are looking for something new and worth their time/value. My marketing job was accounting and this and management both fall under business careers and has to do with money so I guess that’s how they relate. Something about playing an important role in a company is in me.

  13. Tasniakayy

    2. My personality type is Debater (ENTP-T).
    3. Weirdly, I was not surprised at the result of my test, because correctly, I am extraverted as well as enjoying the mental exercise of questioning things.
    4. My strengths are being original, excellent at brainstorming, energetic , and quick thinking. My weaknesses are being insensitive, finding it difficult to focus, being very argumentative, and disliking practical matters.
    5. To be able to gain my attention and to buy their company’s product, their advertisement would really have to point out the benefits of the product as well as their product being useful for the long run.
    6. Based on the test results, I think being in social media/advertisment department of marketing would be best suit me because I can brainstorm new ways to get customers attention, in addition to advertising in a fun way. And yes, this does align with the type of marketing I want.

  14. Xiao

    -What personality type are you?
    -Were you surprised at the results of your test?
    Not very surprised.
    -Read about your personality type: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type?
    We can get very emotional by comments. We have though of using aesthetics, design..etc
    -What approach should a marketer take to get your attention and get you to buy their company’s product?
    A marketer should give me all the positive and negative information about their products.
    -Based on the test results, what type of job in marketing would be best for you? Does this align with the type of marketing job you want?
    I think the best job for me is to Marketing Designer/Art Director. I am interest at promoting a products or a brand to the social media since I am not good at communicating with real people.

    1. Anani

      Those sound like great career paths, and would be a great outlet for your personality type. For the last questions we are exact opposites!

  15. staceycoissy

    1. My personality is Debater
    2. I was not surprised by test results I knew I was an Extravert
    3. My strengths are knowledgable, quick thinker, original, excellence brainstormer, charismatic and energetic. My weakness are Im very argumentative, insensitive, intolerant, can find it difficult to focus, dislike practical matters
    5. To convince me to buy something the marketer has to be able to explain the good and the bad about the product and the person has to convince me that it will benefit me in the long run.
    6. Jobs that was be best for me is to be a lawyer, psychologist, system analysis and scientist. I would like to be a corporate lawyer one day, but I do want to own my own law firm eventually so it does match up with my career path.

  16. Alex

    2) MEDIATOR (INFP, -A/-T)
    3) Somewhat.
    4) Strengths are Idealistic, Seek and Value Harmony, Open-Minded and Flexible, Very Creative, Passionate and Energetic, Dedicated and Hard-Working
    Weakness are Too Idealistic, Too Altruistic, Impractical, Dislike Dealing With Data, Take Things Personally , Difficult to Get to Know.
    5) They would have to get me to trust their product meaning tell have also tell me their flaws in them not just the good things. Basically be honest about everything. For them to get me to buy it the product would have to be useful to me.
    6) a job that is meaningful to me and will allow me to use my creativity is the career the test results says its for me. it does align with the job i want.

    1. Elijah

      I agree with your answer to question 5. In my opinion, all salespeople should insure that they are being completely honest when selling a product/service.

  17. Syed124

    2. Adventurer (ISFP, -A/-T)
    3. I was surprised at how accurate my results were describing my personality.
    4. Strengths: Engaging, empathic, imaginative, passionate, curious, and artistic in a way that may surprise you. Weaknesses: Fiercely Independent, unpredictable, easily stressed which is true, overly competitive, and fluctuating self-esteem.
    5. From what I know about myself a marketer can grab my attention by delivering a product that serves as an essential need which I can utilize to save time and help with everyday activity.
    6. Based on the results, I would say a web producer is the best marketing profession for me since I can use my unique interest to create content and be flexible while engaging in new material for users best experience. And this does align with the type of marketing job I want that can further expand my vision.

  18. Arlheinz Alexis

    2) I am a PROTAGONIST (ENFJ-A)
    3) No somewhat an accurate description.
    4) MIND,ENERGY,NATURE,TACTICS,IDENTITY weakness would be social interactions.
    5) Definitely get me interested in the details of the item or the special features.
    6) At this point it does because I am very interested in media marketing so we will see how things go.

  19. Anani

    2. I am an Advocate (INFJ-t)
    3. I was not surprised at all. I’m really into activism, and I walk through life with my ideas at the forefront of my head. I was really happy to get this one as my result.
    4. Determined and passionate is my favorite strength. I love how goal oriented I am and I have complete faith in myself to succeed in life. Always need to have a cause is a big weakness for me because I have trouble staying in one lane if I have the intuition that something “is not for me”. Also the perfectionist trait is a big weakness for me, I can spend a lot of time overthinking something that is perfectly fine. I think these weaknesses can be strengths if you want to be an entrepreneur though! (like me!)
    5. They should have some sort of social cause behind their product and actually stand for it. I think this is why I love working at Lush and am proud to say I work there, they are a campaigning company.
    6. Counselors, psychologists, doctors, life coaches and spiritual guides are all attractive options for an advocate, so I would say public relations? Anything marketing wise that involves dealing with people intimately would be great. However, the test also mentions that advocates can start their own paths! Entrepreneurship!

  20. Lab_dash

    1. My personality type is adventurer
    2. Not in the least.
    3. Ny strengths include: charming, sensitive to others, imaginative, passionate, curiousity and artistic qualities. My weaknesses fiercely independent, unpredictable, easily stressed, overly competitive and fluctuating self esteem.
    4. To gain my attention and hold it I feel marketers have to make the benefits of the product clear as well as the faults ( be honest).
    5. Based on my results I would be more suited to a web designing job. This is kinda accurate as I dread a boring 9-5 job.

  21. ismail

    1. My personality type is Entertainer.
    2. Sort of.
    3. My strong characteristics are getting to know people by feeling their emotions, sort of sense the emotions they are giving out. I am bold,practical, observant and i have excellent people skills. My weakness is that i am really sensitive, I get bored really quickly.
    4. If a marketer wanted to get me to buy a product he would have to relate to me about something we both have in common.
    5. The careers type of job they suggested is a photographer or an interior designer.

    1. ismail

      5. The type of marketing job i can get is advertising manager because i can get to the customer because of my expertise in conversation.

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