Declaring a major is one of the most important decisions an individual has to make. It affects other important aspects of a person’s future, like where the person would eventually live, whom they might marry, how healthy and happy they would be and the obvious and more important part, how much money they would be making. As a result, this can be a very frightening decision especially for anyone who is fresh out of high school and do not know their right hand from their left (there’s a song that helps you determine which is which).  There is no need to worry about this decision, but there is great need to be more alert and aware of who a person might be. Knowing yourself is very helpful in making important decisions of this ilk. Knowing yourself helps you know your strength and weaknesses In knowing this you can see which jobs play to your strengths and which play to your weaknesses.

In a lot of cases, most college students are torn between two paths. They have to decide to either go with their dream career, or make a more conservative decision and go with something that seems more easily attainable. There is no definite solution to this dilemma , so it is best to choose a career you know you are good at. It may not be that dream job you want but being able to apply yourself to a job and see the results can eventually turn into a dream job.

Are you now scared beyond your wildest horror movie induced paranoid imagination? (Omen anyone?) According to the, few high school graduates know what they want to do college-wise as they put it “Very few high-school students have enough information or experience to choose a major. You need the variety and depth of college coursework to determine your interest and aptitude. Most college students change their minds two or three times before they settle on a major, and they can still graduate in four years! Being undecided is a good thing and will leave you open to more academic experiences” Basically, it is ok to be undecided, you are in good company, company you will have to part with by the end of your second year in college, but good company nonetheless. With little real world experience in the workplace, academic courses are very vital in steering you in the right path to career know-ism.

According to, choosing a major when in college does not necessarily mean that is the career path you would have to go in (nicely contradicting what was written above, awesome). After undergraduate studies,  a person can go to grad school to specialize in a specific area of study, which would eventually lead to a profession.

In conclusion, Napoleon Hill once said “ One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat” That is to say not everyone gets it right the first time. The worst thing to do is to be idle when things do not work out. Temporary setbacks are only stepping stones to success.  You may have to change majors once a or twice until you find your perfect fit.