Deciding which college to go to, which major choose, what am I going to do if I choose that major, am I going to do well if I choose that major, how hard is it going to be to get in this college or that college, how much is the tuition fees for this college, how to get financial aid, how is my college life going to be, how am I going to make friends in college, which club should I join etc…. These are the questions that will pop up in your head during your senior year in high school and when you are a freshman at college and even parents worry about those things. Now you don’t have to worry about all these questions thanks to our innovative website.

Based on all those questions my fellow group partners and I chose to create some type of information resource which would be a website. The name of our website would be “Survival”. Our goal is to create a website which would be helpful to both high school students and college students. High School junior and senior has a really hard time in deciding which college to go to or what major to choose, this decision will decide there future. That’s why we decided to create “Survival”. We did a lot of research before coming up with this idea and Google was of great help. We discussed among ourselves for quite a long time before agreeing to divide the main idea into five parts. The first part is to help high school students make the decision on what type of major to pursue and to decide which college to go to. And the second part would be to provide them all the information they need on financial aid. Tips on developing studying habits would be the third part. The forth part would be to help students with the social aspect of college life. The last part would be to help all Veterans, Transfer Students and Returning Students which was an idea given by Professor Leonard. In addition of all that, “Survival will provide you all the information you need of any college in the United States, from the deadline dates to every single class you need to take. These are the most important things you need to know to be able to make your whole college experience a lot more enjoyable, accurate and effective. We wished someone had created an information resource like this when we were in high school, our whole college life would have been a lot smoother if we had all those information about college.

Our first step to creating “Survival” was to do a lot of research. We found a lot of interesting articles on Google Scholar and Ebsco which we summarized and can be found under the other tabs of the website. The whole idea was to combine all the relevant articles along with our personal experience and other students’ experiences to create our information resource journal.

One very interesting source we found was, a friend of mine recommended that. The guy wrote about his whole freshman year and gives a lot of tips on how to ease the life of your freshman year. There are also a lot of other students who wrote about their experience in college. This is a very informative source which helped us understand other students’ college experience. This is just one example of how our website will help high school students and college freshman. We found a whole bunch of other sources that we will include on our website. By reading all those articles we learned not only about other students’ college life but also everything about college. As we mentioned earlier, about financial aid, information for all types of students, college activities and everything that you need to know about college. “Survival” would be such a big thing in a couple of years and everyone would be grateful to us, Randell, Wale and Nityah.