Through out high school, most students developed the dangerous habit of procrastination, not planning ahead for assignments, and looking at the other guy’s homework for answers. Many high school students also brag about how these methods can earn them a C, a B, and even an A. Since I too was a procrastinator back in high school, I know exactly how that life is. But, many college students can agree that old habits of procrastination die hard when they are practiced with a full time college schedule.

A college freshman who attempts to complete four or more classes will be facing many new challenges. College level classes can meet as little as once a week. Normally, classes are scheduled to meet twice or three times a week. This means that he or she is responsible for the assignments that are due on the next meeting and sometimes assignments will not be announced by the professor. The best way for a student to remain on track in each of their classes is by following the course syllabus. A syllabus is a document that provides all of the information on that class, its assignments, the textbooks needed, and the department of that study.

College professors are hired to simply teach their lesson plan and follow the courses syllabus efficiently. While some professors do tend to care if their students pass or fail and offer additional help through one on one meetings which are called office hours, professors are not obligated to be a parent to their entire class. This means that most college professors will not constantly remind individuals about what is needed from them to pass the class or to arrive on time because students are seen as responsible people who know the consequences to their actions.

One of the key things a student must become is responsible! If there is a test in the upcoming week, the best thing to do to be prepared is to look over his or her notes and┬áre-familiarize his or herself to the content on the test.┬áThe same thing goes for a paper. English 101 and 102 are┬áwriting┬áintensive, which means that the class will rely heavily on essays to determine the student’s grade. This is often time not said, but, following the directions are vital as well. A student can type a perfect paper in the format that he or she believes to be correct. When it come time for grading, their isn’t much scrutiny with grading. Always make sure to follow the professors guidelines to achieve the highest grade obtainable. Follow these rules along with common sense will avoid many stressful nights studying or trying to complete an assignment.