According to a survey conducted by Monitoring the Future Surveys, a comprehensive survey of adolescent drug use, substance use has recently declined (NIH, 2014b). Alcohol use went down for 12th graders 37.4 percent, and 23.5 percent for 10th graders compared to numbers back in 2009, which were at 43.5 and 30.4 percent. Among 12th graders, 35.1 percent picked marijuana as their favorite drug use. Almost 6% of 12th graders said they use marijuana daily, and 81 percent said the drug is easy to get (NIH, 2014a, para, 7). The NIH states that males are more likely to abuse prescription drugs in all age groups, the only difference they mentioned were females that were at least 17 years old. “Among nonmedical users of prescription drugs, females 12 to 17 years old are also more likely to meet abuse or dependence criteria for psychotherapeutics” (NIH, 2014a, para,1). According to Cava Iola and Lavender (1999), in a short-term residential treatment program for substance abuse, of 250 adolescents 20% attempted suicide in the two years before joining the program. They also found that females had a higher attempt rate than males.