Marijuana-and-teen-Join-Together-at-The-Partnership-at-Drugfree_org_1The causes that lead to substance abuse is the easy access to drugs. The NIH (2014a) reported 12th graders that were surveyed usually got the drugs from a friend or relative. NIDA (2014), explains that different drugs affect different parts of the brain and each individual has different levels of maturity and coping strategies to self-control the use and abuse of substances. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2015) said the consequences for underage drinking are poor or failing grades and higher absences, changes in brain development that can have life-long effects, a higher risk for suicide and homicide, and many other problems. Children that suffer from depression and traumatic life experiences, such as sexual assault, loss of a loved one, and a display of violence turn to drugs to cope with their feelings.