Frank Mason

Animation and Gaming

This club represents all individuals who are interested in video games and Japanese animation. This club is not exclusive in terms of the members they accept or the individuals they currently have. They accept anyone from any major and walk of life just as long they respect one rule, accept one another differences (even if certain people do not like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic card games anymore) and be there cause you genuinely like animation and video games. For the Spring 2013 semester, this club is planning to host a video game tournament of their very own in the Voorhees building.

Location: Namm Hall, Student Center, 5th Floor,

Meets Every Thursday 12:45-2:15.



This club consists of 3 other clubs which are Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Engineering. The main purpose of this club is to build robots of many varieties, from the type that can detect different kinds of gases to the kind that can move of its own accord with the help a computer programmed sensor that can shoot basketballs by calculating the distance from its location to the basket. The first of the three clubs is the Mechanical Engineering club, which primarily builds the individual physical parts of the robot. The second is the Computer Engineering clubs which consists of programming the internal components and functions of a robot. For example, they program sensors that would detect when the robot is about to make contact with an obstacle and would be programmed to find another route to a clear path. Third, the Industrial Design Club creates the aesthetics and exterior as well as appeal for the user (i.e. remote control and finished design). Combined, these organizations form the Mechatronics club. This club is open to anyone interested in the field of Engineering hoping to gain an understanding as to how to create a robot and what is needed of them for this type of career.


Location: Voorhees, Room 508, 1:00 – 2-15PM,

Meets Every Thursday.




The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is an organization designed to be a student-directed research and advocacy organization. Their principal areas of concern include environmental protection, consumer rights, higher education, local and state government reform, voter registration, mass transit and public health. They are a not-for-profit group designed to create policy reforms while training students and other New Yorkers to become advocates for their communities. NYPIRG currently has 20 college campus chapters that helps to fight for students rights inside as well as outside of the classroom. Students involved with NYPIRG work with full-time staff to coordinate grassroots statewide campaigns, produce studies on a wide array of topics and lobby public officials for statewide reform. In addition, NYPIRG’s outreach program travels to communities across the state to educate local residents on vital issues.


G411 General Building
300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hours: Monday 11-1pm & 4-6pm, Tuesday 11-1pm & 4-6pm, Wednesday 11-1pm & 4-6pm, Thusrday 11-1pm & 4-6pm, Friday 11-1pm

Phone: (718) 260-5045



Chemistry [P605] and Science Research [P603]

Club Presidents: Dr. Martinez (

Dr. Samaroo (

Chemistry Club & Science Officers: I.Sanogo, R. Galeano, M. Baraybar, S. Huseynova, U. Anene, A. Soyfer

Meetings take place on Thursdays at 12:45/1pm to 2pm in Pearl 603.¬†[ don’t meet every week, generally meet in P603 or P605 ]
Seminars on admissions to Medical or Dental School , Pharmacy School or Health related fields, special guest speakers or events that are of interest to the students. This is a student-run club which is advised by a faculty member, Dr. Diana Samaroo.

Student Government Association [G400]

Club President:William Ghee (

Involves student and faculty relationships. club doesn’t meet every week, students go to them if they have any issues and make appointments to meet through email.



College affairs

Department: English Department

Contact: Travis Hayward


Phone: 347-792-3697


Club advisor: Monique Terrel


Phone: 718-260-5793

Description: ‚ÄúCollege affairs‚ÄĚ is a film club and we film events around city tech from the students and staff. We also learn how to use camera and edit videos while we work. We are hands on and try to promote fun around Citytech


Jaws Club

Department: Restorative Dentistry Department

Contact: Jaleel Bolden


Phone: 347-351-7590

Club advisor: Daniel Alter


Phone: 718-260-5154

Description: Our mission as ‚ÄúJaws‚ÄĚ members is to help aspiring dental technicians to meet and network with major professionals in the dental field to better prepare ourselves and each other for real world work experience


Winter Sports Club

Department: General Department

Contact: Mandy Mei


Phone: 917-291-5561

Club advisor: Peter Catapano


Phone: 718-260-5080

Description: The ‚Äúwinter sports club‚ÄĚ purpose is to promote awareness for winter sports and to provide access to students who would otherwise not be able to do so

James Munoz

Computer Club

The Computer is a student organization that provides a creative and safe learning environment where college students majoring in computer related courses and/or interested in computers and technology, work together with other students to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. The computer club plan and organize projects and activities with the purpose of enhance technical skills and knowledge outside the classrooms and develop team work skills and interpersonal communications among the club members.

Members will learn to appreciate and enjoy a variety of software applications and technologies including such technologies as web design, programming, networks, video games design, phone application design and multimedia presentations.

Meeting dates and time: Thursdays 12:45-2:15 pm
Meeting Location: N906
Phone Number: (347) 699-CLUB (2582)


This year we have approximately 65 members. Below is the little info about Architecture Club:
NYCCT Architecture Club has  been  active  since  September 1979 to  the Present day.  We  have been  providing  City-Tech  students  with  Educational  events  such  as  Guest  Speakers,  Onsite  tours, Architectural  Firm  Visits  and  trips,  both  local  and  abroad.  This  spring  break,  the  club  has  been proposing  a  trip  to  Istanbul,  Turkey  which  will  increase  the  number  of  abroad  countries  that  the  club has  been  in.  Past  trips  included  countries  such  as  Greece,  U.K.,  Japan,  and  Spain  where  students got educational events and extracurricular activities outside of the school for all members. We encourage new members and new students further advance in their studies as well as pursue their chosen career path. Our club also collaborate with neighboring alliances across campus, this includes activities that range from competition to educational events.
 We meet on a Thursday  of  every  week  at  1pm to  2pm in Room V-812
Champa Kali
Arch Club President


Student Life and Development

Daniel Fictum Director

General Building Room 516



The office provides collaborative activities and learning experiences designed to
support the personal, social and academic development of students as individuals
and community members. The Student Life Office will encourage you to get involved
with college life outside of the classroom. Opportunities include participation in
campus events and lectures, student governance and clubs, leadership development
retreats and workshops, events planning, volunteerism and college-wide committees


Food&Wine club:
Location- N200
President- Claire Stewart
Contact information:


          Phone- 718.260.5647

          Fax- 718.254.8682

Members- Many
Meetings- various times throughout the semester, no certain schedule
Description- Name of the club is self descriptive. In 2011 they hosted a cooking          competition based on the Chopped T.V. show. Add wine to food and you get fun. If you are interested in cooking the Food & Wine club will be the best fit for you.