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Academic Advising Sample Calendar

During the shift to distance learning during the spring 2020 semester, the department of hospitality management decided it was important to build on our SRD plan. We expanded our SRD team and developed the Academic Advising Task Force. Because the many changes we made to our practices we found that creating a calendar of activities would be useful.

We are happy to share our calendar with you.

calendar Spring 2021

Academic Advising In-Class Academic Advising

The SRD representatives, John Akana and Robert Walljasper* analyzed their department’s practices and built on an in-class academic advising practice that was good but needed to be improved and standardized. The goal of the in-class academic advising sessions is to introduce tools and best practices to students as they enter the program. The slides included here are used in the HMGT 1101 class and a modified version is used in the HMGT 3501 class, a course that includes many transfer students from AAS programs.

Does your plan include in-class advising sessions? What courses would you include in your in-class advising sessions?

*If you plan to create your own in-class advising session based on these slides, please credit John and Robert’s work as inspiration. They are both willing to speak about their philosophy or objectives with you.

Campus Scavenger Hunt Reflection

It is a great experience walking around a campus with a group to hunt down all great advising resources that are offered by different departments and college.  Our group headed out the door to take pictures and find advising resources on the list.  Proper advisement can assist students in the timely completion of their studies and increase awareness of the full range of campus programs and services.  Studying the advisement theory: the prescriptive approach vs. developmental advising approach, effective advisors should not only provide the clear information and deal with students’ compliance such as their degreeWorks, financial aid issue, and courses selection, but also should try to engage the students and provide personal meaning to students’ academic goals, collaborate with others to use the full range of institutional resources. As a faculty advisor, we should think about advising as teaching.

Advisement Bulletin Board

Floor Direction