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Ohbong’s Personal Advisement Philosophy

Personal Advisement Philosophy
Necessary, Informational, and Planned

To make advisements necessary, informational, and planned in advance with students

Student Advisement Plan

I would like to make my advisement session comfortable and informational so that students come back again every semester. I ask them to plan their schedule for the rest of the semesters (or at least 2 semesters) and move forward for their graduation. Everyone has the different status and situation to seek their advisement. So I customized it to meet their unique needs, the short-term or long-term goal for their success.

Scavenger Hunt Reflection

Did what you find meet your standards?

What advisement goals will you set for your department?

Every student is assigned by a full-time faculty as an academic advisor and encouraged to have an advisement at least once per semester to get them on the right track. And we will help them figure out their problems and not have them happened again.

One thing I will improve about my department’s advisement plan is…

I will be exposed to our students when students need such as 24/7.

What story is told through your collective photos?

It was impressed when I saw all facilities and decorations in another department. They have their own styles and ways to take care of their students and provide them with all kinds of information.