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Noemi’s Personal Advisement Philosophy

Student-minded, Collaborative, Action Oriented


Personal Advisement Philosophy

My advisement approach is individualized and person-centered. It is grounded on guiding the student towards self-recognition about his/her unique potential to flourish as a member of the New York City College of Technology community as well as the larger societal context he/she lives in.

Student Advisement Plan

With the student in mind and open-mindedness to his/her interests, views, and culture, I listen to the student, share resources, and engage the student in preparing clear, purposeful action plans to accomplish his/her goals at City Tech and beyond.  This includes academic coursework planning (using the academic career planner), highlighting relevant support services and career resources along with specific contacts, and sharing career building ideas (e.g., graduate school options, internships, volunteering, mentorship programs, etc.). As needed, I refer students to colleagues, at and outside of City Tech, who can help enrich the student’s academic and career planning experience.  I follow up with students and encourage them to share their updates with me.  My advisement plan is intended to aid students in developing confidence in their abilities to independently plan their success while effectively utilizing diverse resources and collaborating with a variety people.

Scavenger Hunt Reflection

Signage upon entering Vorhees.

Signage upon entering Vorhees is welcoming and immediately gives clear concise direction.

Open seating spaceStudents have open space to gather and relax.

Monitor with career statsDigital monitors provide information on job trends and possible career tracks.

Student work posted on wallStudent work is proudly displayed in the halls.

Did what you find meet your standards?

Vorhees signage was consistent and visible throughout the building. There were spaces for relaxing and gathering, learning, collaborating, and meeting with professors. Advisors were listed for each student in one department and all faculty offices visibly displayed faculty names.

What advisement goals will you set for your department?

A key goal is to make available a central listing of support services and college programs that are intended to improve student success along with their eligibility requirements, if necessary.

Another goal, is to communicate to students the importance of their career planners and require them to fill them in for advisement sessions with faculty.

A third goal, inspired by the Vorhees building, is to create and display coherent and visible signage that engages students, as a way to provide direction and pertinent information for locating resources within our department.

One thing I will improve about my department’s advisement plan is…

As our department grows, new opportunities are arising to engage faculty and students in the advisement process. We are looking to develop a new advisement plan to suit a diverse student body (e.g., first-year freshmen, transfers, third-year City Tech students, part-time as well as full-time students, full-time workers, to name a few characteristics) in both associate and baccaluareate-level programs.

What story is told through your collective photos?

The collective photos indicate a move towards improving wayfinding within the college’s physical spaces and an attempt to create community through student and faculty shared spaces, displaying student projects, and providing information on advisors, courses, careers, and college programs such as ASAP.