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Joanne Weinreb Advising Philosophy

“When a word comes from the heart, it enters the heart. And when it leaves the tongue [only], it does not pass through the ears.” Moshe ibn Ezra (1055-1140)

 These words stated one thousand years ago still apply today. When people speak with each other with care, those sentiments are felt and the advice is sooner taken. This certainly holds true for the conversation between an advisor and a student. I want to focus on three aspects of the advising relationship:  honesty, accessibility and individualization.


Advice given to each student should be tailored to that individual. For each program there are essential courses and requisite GPA that all students must take. The individualization goes beyond that to understand what the interests and future plans of the students are and how their school experience can help them achieve these goals.


Honesty must be present from both sides. The student should be honest and realistic both with themselves and with the advisor. An advisor must openly and honestly represent what the students’ options are. Additionally, a student must be able to trust the advisor to follow up on what was promised.


Students should understand when and where information is available.



Scavenger Hunt Reflections – Joanne and Chris

Our overall impression from walking around was that many of the departments make attempts at being informative to students.

  • Most have advising hours posted (one calls it problem solving hours)
  • Postings about potential jobs or internships
  • Information about tutoring
  • Student department specific club
  • Other informational resources.

    An overall feeling that we got was that the information was dry and often times the negative shouted out the positive. I.e. you can do this BUT….

  • The sign in the lounge area was Music can be played (a nice message) but then in BOLD and UNDERLINED – DURING CLUB HOURS ONLY.
  • The “Welcome center” was closed when we got there and right outside was a screen that said “DO NOT TOUCH”
  • 24 HOUR ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE sign in red by the lounge are.

Informative post

Not overly welcoming.

Active student academic club

Information about tutoring

Job postings

A warm and welcoming message (on a drab sheet of paper)

Two images taken from areas where students can go to relax – both stressing the negative rather than the positive.