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John’s Personal Advisement Philosophy


Collaborate – Interests – Values – Future

As an academic advisor I will work in collaboration with students so that together we will:

  • Create a path to completion of the degree requirements of their chosen major
  • Identify viable career paths based on their interests, area of focus, values and lifestyle
  • Articulate an academic career plan from course work, to internship and beyond

Scavenger Hunt Reflection

Did what you find meet your standards?
It had been several years since I had visited Voorhees Hall. I was impressed at the cohesiveness of signage both in the common areas and at each department.

What advisement goals will you set for your department?
Our first goal should be to improve communication with our students. Beyond emails and posters, a standard message should be delivered in every class regarding advisement including:

  • how to choose or identify an adviser
  •  what advisement tools are available and how to access and utilize them
  •  the purpose of academic planning and advisement

One thing I will improve about my department’s advisement plan is…to separate the “advisement process” into two objectives:

  1. Course selection and registration
  2. Career planning and mentoring