First Year Programs and Student Ready Departments

Area Mission Statement and Key Functions

First Year Programs provides new City Tech students with guided pathways to ease their college transition while supporting their academic success.

Lauri Aguirre, First Year Programs director; email:

FYP opportunities for students:

  • FYP offers First Year Immersion programs for incoming and continuing students with developmental needs
    • FYSP summer immersion courses/workshops
    • January Immersion workshops
  • First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) for first and second semester students
    • First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) are 2 or more courses with the same students enrolled, linked with an interdisciplinary theme, providing an innovative way for students to learn while forming bonds.
    • Peer Mentoring services for students enrolled in FYLCs, ENG1101CO and any student requesting peer mentoring support
      • If you are a First-Year student at City Tech who would like to have a Peer Mentor, please fill out this form: Sign Up for a Peer Mentor!
      • For information and to apply to be a peer mentor is found here.
  • Our student handbook: The Companion for the First Year at City Tech
  • Student Workshops
    • Math prep prior to each semester in August and January
    • Student Success Workshops guided by peer mentors
    • Improving Your Study Skills (self-paced interactive online workshop). You learn more about the program here.
  • FYP for Faculty:
    • We support the adoption of high impact practices including the coordination of interdisciplinary curriculum and professional development for our faculty through:
      • Collaboration with City Tech’s Faculty Commons
      • Professional development for FYSP and FYLC faculty

How FYP contributes to student retention and persistence:
We like to believe that all our academic and student support initiatives contribute to persistence and retention. However, we do assess the following initiatives regarding student persistence and academic momentum:

FYLC Outcomes
City Tech offered a total of 16 learning communities during AY 2019-20 to 414 students.

  • Fall 2019 FYLCs had 4% fewer withdrawals, 2% better persistence, and more passing grades than Fall 2019 non-FYLC students
  • Persistence: FYLC retained 2% more students than non-participating first-time freshmen.
    FYLC 79% (426/542) vs Comparison Group 77% (5164/6668) (First to second semester)
  • Withdrawal rate: FYLC had 4% fewer withdrawals from similar courses than non-participating first-time freshmen. FYLC 13% (71/542) vs Comparison Group 17% (1165/6668)
  • Passing grades: FYLC students earned 10% more passing grades (A-C) in their first semester than non-participating first-time freshmen. FYLC 69% (374/542) earned A-C grades vs Comparison Group 59% (3904/6668) received A-C grades

FYSP Summer Immersion Momentum outcomes:
Results summer 2018:

  • FYSP developmental Math students earned 2.54 more credits in 1 semester and 4.96 more credits after 2 semesters than students who do not take summer immersion developmental math courses.
  • FYSP developmental English students earned 2.9 more credits in 1 semester and 3.98 more credits after 2 semesters than students who do not take summer immersion developmental English courses.

FYP opportunities for collaboration

  • Increase awareness of our student workshops and peer mentor support
  • Share the Companion more widely (see link to online version above)
  • FYP is integral to the Student-Ready College steering committee and activities, such as Connect Day (departmental orientation sessions), PLAN Week, New Student Connection (college orientation). We would like to improve the vibrancy and participation in these college-wide events.

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