Scavenger Hunt Reflections – Joanne and Chris

Our overall impression from walking around was that many of the departments make attempts at being informative to students.

  • Most have advising hours posted (one calls it problem solving hours)
  • Postings about potential jobs or internships
  • Information about tutoring
  • Student department specific club
  • Other informational resources.

    An overall feeling that we got was that the information was dry and often times the negative shouted out the positive. I.e. you can do this BUT….

  • The sign in the lounge area was Music can be played (a nice message) but then in BOLD and UNDERLINED – DURING CLUB HOURS ONLY.
  • The “Welcome center” was closed when we got there and right outside was a screen that said “DO NOT TOUCH”
  • 24 HOUR ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE sign in red by the lounge are.

Informative post

Not overly welcoming.

Active student academic club

Information about tutoring

Job postings

A warm and welcoming message (on a drab sheet of paper)

Two images taken from areas where students can go to relax – both stressing the negative rather than the positive.

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