M. Giuliani – Philosophy

Maria Giuliani
Advisement Philosophy: Welcoming – Understanding – Comprehensive

  • Always welcoming.
  • Be understanding of the student and his/her goals and future. To be able to offer better advisement, I must maintain current with industry and understand the differences between the areas of Communication Design and the curriculum that we offer.
  • Continue to offer solutions and guidance with our audit, registration, articulation agreements, course subs, course checklist and mapping, department orientations and others (Areas that students often ask about or have concerns). Be positive and fast and assure students that many things can be resolved.

1 thought on “M. Giuliani – Philosophy

  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Keeping yourself informed provides such an important service to the students and to your peers. Sharing that knowledge is invaluable and will allow you to continue to live your philosophy.


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