Chris Blair’s Advisement Philosophy

I take a holistic approach to student advisement that helps students reflect on their own set of goals and values. I also try to create a more relaxed atmosphere where students feel comfortable sharing ideas, setbacks, and wishes. Although this philosophy necessitates a bit more time allocated to each student, experience suggests that students walk away with a more satisfied advisement session. In some cases, students are not sure why they are enrolled in the program. In these cases, I work with the student to help him/her find a degree program more suitable to his/her talents. Finally, for each advisee I try to allocate time to discuss potential career options or graduate/professional school opportunities post-graduation. Broadly speaking, my goal as an advisor is to get each student emotionally invested in his/her own education and to provide all the necessary guidance to reach that objective.

1 thought on “Chris Blair’s Advisement Philosophy

  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Your philosophy ends in a manner that I hope you can share throughout your department, students would benefit greatly by this and I would anticipate the outcome would be that they feel more “comfortable sharing ideas, setbacks, and wishes.”


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